Monday, June 14, 2010


This morning I took Buster to the vet to see about treating his anxiety, thunder-phobia and to check that his habit of freaking out and peeing in the house isn't a medical issue.


Poor fella had to have a prostrate exam. He is one squirmy little rascal. He was so anxious and wound up after that his hair was basically coming off in poofs. I felt so bad for him. He would barely come up to the vet even when she offered him a treat.

The vet and vet tech couldn't get him to cooperate to collect a urine sample, so I walked up and down the street with him on a leash in one hand and a soup ladel in the the other. Now this is love: I didn't even feel the slightest bit ridiculous when folks drove by. I, too, was unsuccessful, however. Every time he stopped to pee it was just air. Ridiculous.

So, tomorrow morning I am going to try to follow him around the yard with a cup. I shall do this before my shower.



  1. hahahaaaa oh i hope i am laughing WITH you so that i am not laughing AT you. oh dear. that is definitely love. poor buster, and poor you :-)

  2. Heh.

    I'm going to need to do this for my Costi soon. Man. And I thought getting kids to pee in a cup was hard. (Also? I was never SUCCESSFUL in getting kids to pee in a cup, either).

  3. Oh, man. I feel for you. I don't even know how this is possible, really. Good luck.

    Our vet expected us to do this with Sunny after she had a UTI (so they could have "good" pee to test against if she got a UTI again in the future). They told us to remove the litter and then collect the pee in just the litter liner. When we told them she won't pee without litter, they said we should try to collect the pee as she's peeing.

    HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT. Never gonna happen so we didn't even try.

    P.S. Thank you for the playing cards!!! You two are awesome.

  4. OH MY DEAR A SOUP LADLE. I love this more than I can justify.

  5. Collecting FROM A CAT?!?! Oh, horror of horrors, I don't see that EVER happening. Yes, tomorrow morning should be a hoot.

  6. Oh my. OH MY. I cannot. Stop. Laughing. I mean, like Alice, WITH YOU, obviously. A ladle! And a cup! And then a shower, YES INDEED.

  7. i had to do that too!!!! the ladle wasn't long enough so my boyfriend at the time rigged up a wooden dowel and a party cup, worked like a charm! good luck with that!

  8. Poor BABY! Of course he couldn't pee. Performance anxiety.

  9. Poor Buster! Imagine being chased around by someone trying to stick a ladle under you while you try to pee.

    Good luck!


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