Monday, June 28, 2010


Later today, A. and I will travel about 160 miles to be with a friend when their father is taken off life support. This man has been an important figure in A.'s life as well, much like a beloved uncle. A. is so worried for his friend, and so sad.

My heart is heavy and my hands are restless. I feel useless and helpless. Tell me: what would you do to bring comfort to these friends? I think I will bake some nice breads and send them to them after we get back tomorrow. I started knitting a scarf for comfort for the friend when his mother passed away a few months ago.  (I know, horrible year for him.) I liked the idea of the warmth of comfort of friends wrapping around him. Seems silly to finish it and send it just now, with temperatures in the 90s.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Did someone do something or share something that brought you comfort in a time of sadness?


  1. Oh, this is so tough. My thoughts are with you guys and your friend.

    Do you have any photos of him? Maybe you could present his family with those. It might be nice for them to see photos they've never seen before...

  2. So sad, I'm so sorry. It's never easy to confront something like this.

    You just being there will help. Also, don't just be there for the family now, be there a few weeks and months down the road, which is usually when the pain of losing someone is worsened.

    Share your favorite memories with them, laugh with them, cry with them.

  3. I'm so sorry. Your friend and A. are having a sad, sad year.

    Bring memories--photos, if you have them, or write out what you/A. remember doing with your friend's dad, or how you remember him.

    Otherwise, just being there and helping do all the things that need to be done is good. (Mow the lawn? Make dinner? Things like that?)

  4. you both are in my thoughts!! my only suggestion is to be there for them, that is something so simple yet so meaningful (at least from my experience!)

  5. oh, i am so sorry. i imagine that you guys making the trip to be there with him means more than anything else.


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