Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Walt Witman Kind of Morning

It is a gorgeous morning. Yes, it is overcast and gray and you can just feel that it is going to snow soon.

But it is also absolutely still, and just the right kind of crisp is in the air. It is quiet, and slow. No one seems to be in much of a hurry, not even the weird, non-hibernating, campus squirrels.

The sunrise was intensely beautiful. I have talked with three people in the office, one a professor and our department head, one a staffer, and one a custodian. Everyone mentioned the spectacular sunrise and asked, reverently, if I had seen it. It was one of those kind of sunrises.

I feel fortified. Strengthened by the knowledge that all of us have something in common: we all started our day grateful for the divine earth.

It is going to be a good day.


  1. I hope it's a good day! Considering how it's dragging, it would be nice if it just went on and on full of greatness.

  2. Raising my coffee to the hope of a good day. (me? I think I'm just going to have a TIRED day. Those can be good too. Not so Walt-Whitmany, tho.)

  3. Sigh. Sunrise in the country.

  4. that sounds like the perfect beginning to a perfect day, i hope it lives up to its beginning!

  5. 生存乃是不斷地在內心與靈魂交戰;寫作是坐著審判自己。..................................................


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