Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We were able to make it to A.'s folks place for Christmas and were there with four nieces and nephews as they waited for Santa. So! Fun! Kids really do make the holidays magical, don't they? It was so nice to be there with everyone; we are only able to get together like that once a year, if we are fortunate.


Together, A. and I rung in the new year rather quietly. We played a game of Monopoly, a few rounds of Norwegian Whist, and watched a movie. We dozed off before midnight but had set an alarm so we could wish each other a happy new year at midnight. It was just right.


A. and I are still working on our goals for the new year, collectively as a family and individually. Some family goals are to pay of the credit card, go on "dates" more often, and learn cribbage.

Some of my individual goals are to defend my thesis this spring. I don't see that as a problem, actually. I know it will happen. I want to learn three new skills this year. They can be whatever, just as long as they are new to me. Sewing? Archery? Running? Making pasta from scratch?

Getting serious about prioritizing fitness into our health goals crosses over as both a family and individual goal. A. is much better about this than I am; he usually gets to the gym at least three times a week as it is. He wants to make it at least six times.

Me? I am going to continue yoga, but with more dedication and focus. And.... I am going to try and take up running again. My best friend,JelBel , has been running quite regularly for a few years now, and it does so much good for her, both physically and mentally. And also, um, I am totally inspired by Tess and Sundry. I mean, really, really inspired. So, thanks ladies!

I got over being nervous about being TOTALLY CLUELESS and went in to a fancy-pants running store. Actually, it was great. It was a good store, and the sales lady was just happy to help me get started running. No one made me feel like a dunce for not already being a marathoner. Whew!

I walked on a treadmill and had my lower half video taped. I didn't run, as I had just had wings and a beer for lunch. (I am totally on the right track, yes!?) Turns out, I land perfectly on my feet - who knew? It sure doesn't feel like it is natural and proper, but hey. Maybe I will just get used to flailing around.

I tried on four pairs of running shoes, and finally settled on some Nikes. I think they are the kind that can plug into an iPod and give you running info. Of course, I am not going to spring for that stuff now and I have a shuffle that is incompatible, anyway. But! They are comfy! And I bought them specifically to start running.

I am trying them out tonight! I am also going to try running ON A TREADMILL. Oh, dear Lord, keep be from getting sucked under the contraption, please. A runner friend of mine thought I might avoid shinsplints this go 'round if I ran on the treadmill, rather than the indoor track. So, I am going to give it a shot. My plan is to start very humbly. Five minutes of walking, one minute of running. And gradually reverse those ratios.

"Start running" is the rather vague goal. The concrete goal is to run in one legit 5K within the year.

Want to know a couple of my long-term fitness goals? Ultimately, I want the ability to do the following yoga poses:

How awesome is this? It may not look like much at first glance, but man, it blows my mind. First, I am so inflexible that to achieve this pose will be super. Second, you are totally standing straight up and are totally upside down. That has to mess with your mind and balance. Also, this pose should require loads of lower back and core strength, which I will someday be delighted to know of which I am capable.  And I can't imagine how wonderfully tension in my shoulders and neck would just flow right out of my body and into the earth while in this pose.

This pose demonstrates to me what I want my yoga practice to be.

Next, I want to accomplish this pose, because it will mean that I have gradually built up a tremendous about of strength and bad-assery:

And speaking of bad-assery, someday I will do a set of one-armed pull ups. I don't have a photo of this, as a google image search for this brings up pictures of bulgy muscly men doing chin ups with midgets on their backs. Not my thing.

So! What goals have you made?


  1. One-armed pullups! That IS an awesome goal. I love it. I would like to be able to do a one-armed PUSHUP also, Demi-Moore-in-GI-Jane style.

    Happy New Year! I do hope you'll keep me updated on the running.

  2. Many years ago, I took a "learn to run" course through a local running store. We mostly ran outside, but one of the lessons was on running on a treadmill. At the end of the course, we all ran a 5k race. There were also 10k, ha;f-marathon and marathon training courses as well as running groups to join. Anyway, all that rambling to say you may want to check and see of your running store has something similar - it was very motivating.

  3. Cribbage is so fun! Come to Denver and we'll play! I even own a cribbage board.

  4. Yay! I'm so happy you guys are learning cribbage. You can come play us - we even have a MN Twins cribbage board.

    I'm inspired by your fitness goals. Once you get going, can you share how you fit it into your schedule? (I am hoping that it doesn't involve you getting up at 4:00 a.m. because I KNOW I can't do that.) :)

  5. Some of those yoga poses scare the crap out of me. Promise you'll post pictures when you achieve them, ok?! =)

  6. That's totally where I started with the running post-partum: run-walk, run-walk, and slowly lengthened the runs. Anyway, good luck! I have various fitness goals of my own, in fact I started a new blog to document (http://babywait2.blogspot.com) -not that you should go there, because it's boring so far, but it has kind of helped me think about it. Like an online running journal, which I used to do.


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