Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Five

1. Last night, as A. and I were walking to the house in the dark, I misjudged the end of a snowdrift and flung myself into it, face first with no attempt to soften the landing on my part, in true slap-stick, spazz-out style. I thought it the perfect and most appropriate end to the day.

2. I pointed out the snow drift to A. this morning, and he said, "Why yes, I can tell your face landed there, your knees there, and your hands there. Your keys are still there." Good thing I pointed out my clumsiness to A. or else my keys would have been buried in snow until June. I had no idea I'd dropped them.

3. I am meeting with The Thesis Committee next week (it only took a month to herd them all into the same room at the same time!) to go over my progress. I am both excited and horrified. That sounds about right.


4. In more ridiculousness, I find knitting on two single-pointed needles much more difficult/annoying that using five double-pointed needs. What the hell?

5. I have nothing planned this weekend but some housework and loads of Thesis Time. As my plans already have me bored, why don't you tell me what you will be up to? Let me live vicariously through you, please!

Happy Friday to you!


  1. i am going to a wine tasting then a thai restaurant with fellow classmates where we will probably discuss ideas for out thesis (we are all american studies) then going to a friends house tomorrow followed by grocery shopping and laundry because we are that cool!

  2. I would LOVE to see your snow face print. Hee!

    We have nothing going on this weekend. We are cashing in our change jar (exciting!), I am going to have all of my work pants hemmed to accommodate my bizarre height shrinkage, we are going out to eat a few times, and then we'll be watching the Vikes.

    I have Monday off unpaid, and I'm taking Shorty to the vet to get his distemper shot. Then I plan on holing up with my knitting and finishing a sun-design dishcloth.

  3. Dance lessons for the girls, then skating with all three on Saturday. Meal planning, grocery shopping and baking on Sunday, as well as a Wii Sports competition in which I plan to dazzle my kids with my athletic ability. Have a great weekend!

  4. So glad the keys were discovered before they were even missed!

    Also -- I am doing nothing you would want to live vicariously :) I guess my painting mode is kind of like your thesis mode.... but in my opinion cranking out paintings is a bit more fun ;)

  5. I am going to finish knitting a potholder and I am going to bake oatmeal scotchies. Also, I am going to go to Target to buy the hedgehog blankie I should have bought two of because I bought one "for my niece" and then had to keep it and so need to buy a second.

  6. That's pretty funny about the keys. In retrospect, anyway.

  7. My friend and I are going to have a sewing party. I'm obsessed with making my own cloth grocery bags. What? Good Lord, I get obsessed over the weirdest stuff.

  8. i went to a Bump-It party this weekend. TRUE STORY. :-)


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