Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am at home.

It is 11:09 a.m. on a Thursday. A work day.

I have not had a relaxing morning.

I have been digging my car out. My wee Civic that I managed to get stuck in a minuscule yet determined snow drift as I tried to drive down the lane from the house this morning. I have been digging and digging, in work clothes (and work socks and shoes!), I have shoved my floor mats under my tires, I've tried everything I can by myself.

I am stuck.

The part that is most frustrating, aside from my work clothes clinging to my sticky, sweaty body and my once-styled hair plastered around my head, is that I have a therapy appointment in one hour. That I think I am going to have to cancel.

I had to cancel last week, too, due to snow/vehicle/stranded issues.

I feel horrible, and really totally pathetic. I worry that my therapist either thinks that I am so incompetent as to not be able to leave my house, or that I am bailing on therapy. I am not bailing on therapy, so....


Fucking winter and my inability to deal with it.


  1. Sorry! What a crappy start to the morning. I've had those days---when the weather is crap and everything seems to be going wrong and it just seems so much easier to hide under the covers and start over tomorrow.

    This might be a little late---but would your therapist be willing to do either a phone session or a Web cam session?

  2. My therapist did phone sessions for awhile with me. I just couldn't face the world. I realize that's not your issue, but it's something to discuss. I mean - it's not like SHE wouldn't have the same snow issues as you. You live in the same general vicinity, right?

    Hang in there.

  3. Um, this therapist lives in WY, right?

    If so, she'll understand.

  4. Oh, this SUCKS. I do agree with Penny, though. It's not like you're in Miami calling to say you can't come because it's only 40 degrees out.

  5. Therapize with us for a while, if you like, we are here for you.

  6. Man, I get that "they'll think I'm flaking even though it's not my fault" feeling too, sometimes, and I hate it.

    However, since I doubt she's thinking "that Artemisa should man up already and buy a two-ton pickup, already," she must understand. It's WYOMING. It SNOWS. People get stuck. That's just how it is.

  7. Ugh, I can almost feel the frustration! I hope everything else went better.

    Last year I got stuck trying to get out of our paved driveway. I got caught on the stupid mound the plow had thrown on our side of the street.

  8. Before I started driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle, I always used to keep kitty litter in the trunk. Supposedly it helps with traction. Though, I think by merely having it, it meant I never had to use it. Hope things are better today.


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