Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Space Invaders

A. got home yesterday from turkey hunting (with a turkey! Yay and ewww!) and the pups were pretty ecstatic to see him. Buster, with his separation anxiety in full tilt, insisted on sleeping between us last night because holy cow, all the people are home and everything is as it should be. He was not about to let us out of his sight lest one of us disappear again.

Last night was unusual in that Buster insisted on invading A.'s side of the bed. Usually I am left with the top smidgen of the bed, huddled into a super-fetal-position of sorts while Buster greedily keeps the middle and bottom of my side of the bed to himself. And he is IMPOSSIBLE to move once he's settled in. IMPOSSIBLE.

So I thought I was in the clear as poor A. fell asleep in some contorted S-shaped position. Except at 4:23 a.m. I awoke to the strangest sounds. It sounded almost like an old video game like space invaders. In my sleepiness, I thought maybe A.'s phone had a weird setting for games and it was playing. So I got up and stumbled around trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. I couldn't find anything. I slipped back into bed, hoping I hadn't woken A. No such luck. He mumbled something and I asked him if he could "hear that?" He grumbled something back. I repeated my question, again and again and again until he finally mumbled something I took to mean, "yes."

I sat up, listening intently. I leaned over Buster, my head near his rear end.

The sound was coming from him! I immediately feared explosive diahreea coming at me at 4:30 a.m. and needless to say, I didn't sleep well the rest of the morning. When I got up for work his tummy/INTESTINES were still making that weird noise. He looked and acted fine, and there were no unfortunate poop or barf incidents.

I am going to call the vet to make sure this isn't anything scary. But what do I say, "My dog's intestines are making noises from Space Invaders?"


  1. Space Invaders? I can imagine what that sounds like, but hard to imagine coming from a dog. My poodle was making strange noises from her tummy once and she had eaten something she wasn't supposed to. It was all okay in the end, but it would really save a lot of time and money if dogs could just learn to talk and tell us what the heck is going on with them.

    I hope Buster is okay!

  2. Yay for fresh (and free range!) turkey!

    Did Buster eat something funny? Where IS that turkey anyhow?

  3. wait.. his butt was... beeping? like going "beep boop boop boop piewwwwww! beep boop!" ? because that's how i think of space invaders sounding. although technically i don't think i've ever PLAYED space invaders.

  4. If it was sort of a "pocking" noise, Rowen makes that one in her sleep a lot.

    And I sympathize on the space issue: Every night I start out in the middle of the bed. And almost every morning, I wake up precariously balanced on the edge---with Rowen stretched across the rest of the bed.


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