Monday, May 4, 2009

Magpies and Wild Turkeys

My trip to see my parents was awesome. We just had a really, really fun weekend hanging out and chatting and playing with the dogs. My dad gets the biggest kick out of the two idiots. He was particularly tickled by them yesterday morning when they loped all around the backyard, following a magpie. They didn't run at it or bark or anything, just followed it around. Dorks.

Speaking of the pups: I bought seat belts for them and they didn't even NOTICE they were in them. They did fine! And I was relaxed the whole trip knowing I wouldn't catapult them out the front window. A. laughed when I told him and said it confirmed that I love the dogs more than him. Hardly. I love them all to the point of bursting.

I told my dad about my depression and anxiety diagnosis and what I have been up to for the past six months to deal with it, and you guys, he was glad to hear I was getting help. He was really sad that I was dealing with it, but so relieved I was not going to let it take away my life. He is such a good, thoughtful, strong father. I am so, so fortunate.

Also! He agreed with me wholeheartedly when I spouted off that weed should be legalized and taxed. HE IS SO COOL. And smart. (If I do say so myself!)

I woke up this morning so happy and content, but wishing there weren't so many miles between my family and I.


A. got a turkey! Er, does anyone know how to cook a turkey, let alone a wild turkey?


  1. I agree with fritz, Dads are the best.

    Your pups sounds like such great characters.

    No clue on the turkey. I say deep-fry it!

  2. i love good weekends with the fam like that, where you leave feeling even better than when you got there.

  3. That must be such a relief to be able to talk about all this stuff with your dad. I remember when I first finally told my mom about my anxiety and how much easier it was after I got it out there.
    Turkey - I highly highly recommend brining it. Just google "brining a turkey" and it will come up - the hardest part is fitting it in your refrigerator or finding a cool place for it to brine - I did a small one at Thanksgiving and put it in the vegetable bin in my fridge.

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you got them seat belts and that they worked out! I thought they would because Montana is the same way. She knows she's buckled in, in that when I open her door she waits for me to unbuckle her before jumping down, but she doesn't seem to notice at all otherwise.


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