Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Five

1. I drive into town and then take a shuttle bus to work. One of the bus drivers is a college student. He is always done up like a hipster, thick-rimmed glasses and a cool hat, cool jeans, cool shoes, etc. (I have no idea what kind of clothes these really are because I have never been cool nor a hipster.)

Anywhoo, he always has NPR on the radio. Yesterday, as I was riding the bus back to the lot to pick up my car, he started whistling. Immediately, I grinned ear to freakin' ear: he was whistling the Talk of the Nation theme music!

I might have fallen in love with him a little.

I told A. about this last night and he totally called me out on my crush. I am glad A. gets me.

2. I am starting to plateau at work and this is always bad news. I don't get antsy once I've met the challenges of a job, I go straight to miserable and utterly unmotivated. Any suggestions on how to re-engage in a job you've mastered? (I am not trying to sound snotty here. I can always try and do my job better and better. But that can get kind of boring.)

3.Last weekend A. and I met our friend H. for some cross country skiing. I am so, so, so bad at it. It was only the second time I've been on skis. They do not feel natural, or even remotely comfortable. They just feel big and long and they get in the way of me walking. I can't get my brain to let go of the idea of walking. In fact, once I started to get the hang of it I did ok with the "glide" stuff, but once we started to hit little hills and I less glided and more skiied, I just wanted to die. Bah. I did start to get the hang of snowplowing, though!

On our way to the mountains at the break of dawn, we traveled past a number of ranches. One field had a bunch of mama cows and young calves. Both A. and I saw one calf that was still wet and wobbly. He was brand new!! Brand new! Oh, my heart just soared.

4. It was glorious outside last weekend in the mountains, as it has been the past couple of days in town. The birds are singing their little hearts out and I've seen two ground squirrels coming up from hibernation at the house. Yesterday a coyote crossed the road in front of me, and I am starting to look to see if there are any baby antelope (none yet).

Spring! Critters! Calves! Wahoo!

5. We are supposed to get dumped on with snow starting Sunday.

I can't complain, though. We have had a mild winter )of course! We paid thousands to install a new wood stove!), and we have had a very dry March. We need the moisture, so I guess I should stand out in the field with my arms open wide and say, "Bring it on."

Happy Friday to you!


  1. We still haven't gotten real snow since moving to Denver. Two little one-inchers, but that's it. I'm waiting for a big storm. But apparently you're getting it instead of us.

  2. Oh man, this sounds great. Baby cows! Sunrises! Mountains! Because obv we don't get sunrises down here in Denver.

    Re: remotivation at work. Here's what always works for me: incessant frittering away of all of my time checking and rechecking and checking again of all the blogs I look at. NOT. Yeah. I haven't figured out the remotivation thing either (you know what I do? I quit! then spend the next eight months moaning about how HAAARD it is to get another job.) Me: an example of the WRONG path.

  3. omg, i've never seen fresh calves before. how neat!!

    last snow. this HAS to be the last snow, RIGHT???

  4. 1. I think you should consider the ROARING FORK VALLEY. Seriously. I think you would both love it (downvalley, more so). I think you would both find opportunities. And I would have another excuse to go back with skis under one arm and snowboard under the other.

    2. Are you Like me—process rather than results driven? The only way around that is to create projects or ask for more to be heaped on your desk.

    3. Although I understand why you would find the title "Smack My Bitch Up" offensive, I think you should watch the music video. To the very end. Interesting and thought-provoking.

    4. Congrats on a major step in the thesis. Bring it home, now.


  5. Fresh calves - squee!

    Whenever I feel like I'm plateauing, I talk to my boss about new opportunities. They're usually happy to give me new assignments, and I get new challenges.


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