Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Five

1. Quite obvious to you, I haven't been writing here much lately but it is not because I do not have anything to share. A lot is going on and I am still trying to figure out how and if to share some of it here. No worries, it is all positive, good things.  Some are big things, some are small.

But, I am a much more private person than I had figured. It took a public blog for me to figure that out. Hee.

2. A.'s younger sister and her family stayed with us Tuesday night. Including her EVIL, EVIL KITTY, Lilly. The cat adored me, naturally. I overcame my fear and bias long enough to give her some pets, and then she followed me around the house all night. DEAR GOD.

Buster was scared to come in the house, as this cat hisses and spits and swipes at him something fierce. Even from across the room. My poor, sweet, wussy dog.  Belle generally ignores Lilly, though I caught her avoiding that damn cat at times, too.

It was truly bizarre to see, out of the corner of my eye, A CAT darting around the kitchen and living room. I nearly screamed twice. So silent and so scary.

I caught her contemplating jumping up on my kitchen counters a few times. I swear to you, the thought of her kitty-litter-paws on my counters made my hair start to fall out. (This image was particularly stark as earlier I had walked in on her pooping in her litter box when I left clean towels in the guest room. CAT POOP.)

3. My best friend, JelBel, is in town and we are getting together tonight. I cannot wait. Why is it only 12:17 p.m.? COME ON, CLOCK. MOVE IT.

4. I had a dream last night that a colleague of mine was explaining to me how to reference a different author per paragraph in my thesis. As I started applying what she said The Thesis practically wrote itself. It made sense! It was eloquent and concise! She made it sound so easy that I woke up excited to write. I was SAD, SAD, SAD when I realized it was only a dream, but the eagerness to write is still with me.

5. I have joined a local food-growers group! I am so freakin' excited! We are planning a day-long conference in April and have workshops and such set up for the next couple of months. The third person on my thesis committee is also very involved with the group. Yay!

I am particularly interested in seeing what it would take to transfer vacant lots to city ownership and creating community gardens there, accessible thorughout town. I am sure it is a long, drawn out and sometimes complicated process, but I am certain there are some lots throughout town that would be suitable. (There are already some community garden plots available in town, but they are only in one location.)

I really want to make gardening accessible to low-income folks. It would create networking opportunities, communitites of support, as well as dependable, sustainable nutritional food.


Bonus: I am meeting A. for lunch after he gets fitted for his cap and gown. My baby is graduating with a dual-masters this May!  Woo hooo!!!!! (I really have to finish my thesis, now!)

Happy Friday to you!


  1. haha on the cat. My kids are begging for a cat and I think we'll probably get them one soon. At least they're old enough to scoop the litter box.

    Congrats to A! What a show-off with his dual Masters!

  2. Excellent job, A!

    And your nephew is ADORABLE!

    Before I took my current job six years ago, I had a job doing EXACTLY THAT with community gardens. It's a great organization-- I still work with them on certain projects at my current job.

  3. Number two convinces me even further that I do not want a cat. And Number One OMG WHAT IS GOING ON TELL ME I WANT DETAILS AGHHHH.

  4. Congrats on him graduating! You must be so proud!!

  5. Congrats to A!

    Also, that community garden project sounds like the kind of thing I want to do with my LIFE, so I am jealous (will I be jealous to the point where I actually overcome the inertia factor? ugh, I hope so). I'm also so curious about how this works in different places. I would LOVE to have community gardens in my area. Only, vacant lots here tend to get sucked into the vacuum known as...well, I don't know what it's known as. It was the real estate boom, but I guess it's not really called that anymore. Anyway, human nature abhors a vacant lot around here.

  6. I want to know what the details from #1 are! Spill it!

  7. Why do cats always INSIST on snuggling up to/loving the one person in the room who isn't at all into cats?

    Also, had never considered the full grossness of the kitty litter paws thing before. Thanks for that.


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