Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Five, or: The Only Day I Get Around to Posting Anymore

1. I was already three-quarters around the circular drive this morning, when I saw the Mountian Bluebird pair checking out our birdhouse. So, I slowed down, shifted into reverse and drove back around the driveway and down the lane to the road so as not to disturb the pair.

 Oh, please, pick our birdhouse!!!

Apparently I have some Mad Reverse Skillz, or whatever the kids say nowadays.

2. After shifting back into drive to head into town for work this morning, I was having a miserable time finding a station on XM/Sirius to listen to. I decided to avoid NPR this morning, as I wasn't in anxiety-ridden foul mood and didn't want to be put into one.

The pre-set stations all sucked, but if I scroll through the channels I drive off the highway, so I am always at the mercy of A.'s pre-sets. (Hence why I listen to NHL Home Ice!) I settled on a song by Prodigy. I glanced at the XM gizmo and without hesitation, totally believed I read the song title to be "Smack My Pitchfork." I even thought to myself, clear as day: "I can see Prodigy having a pitchfork."

Upon a second glance, a full 30 seconds later, I saw that it really read, "Smack My Bitch Up."

Thoroughly unimpressed with a) my reading skills; b) my utter lack of common sense; c) the song; and d) the asshole song title, I finally tuned in to NPR.

3. My best friend from high school, KNC, is going to be staying with me Saturday night. She will be coming through with her four-year-old son and the dog she is adopting/saving. I cannot wait to see her - it has been so long. She has seen me through thick and thin, and was the very first person I called when my mother died. She means the world to me. I can only hope I am half the friend to her as she is to me!

4. I am turning a chapter of The Thesis in to my advisor on Wednesday. Be sure to check in here over the weekend for much thesis-related whimpering.

5. I have an afternoon appointment with a therapist this afternoon. Um, yes, I have a Nervous Tummy (® Tessie). But! She is a transplant from DC, too! So, I already feel like we will be a good match.

Wish me luck!

Bonus: I am in no way worried that today is Friday the 13th. I will, however, where the same shirt to every Rockies game I attend if they win while I wear it.

Are any of you superstitious about today's date or of other things?

Happy Friday to you!


  1. I hope the birds choose your house - that would be so nice!

    Good luck with the therapist! Finding a good one is KEY.

    I'm not really superstitious about this date, but Jason thinks it is AWESOME because he loves the number 13. When we played roulette last month, he bet on it EVERY SINGLE TIME. He says it is his favorite number.

  2. Okay, this is so EMBARASSING, but I am superstitious about...PERFUME.

    If I'm wearing a certain kind on a really bad day, I'll then avoid wearing it again. For AGES. Ditto with a "good day" perfume. OMG, this is a serious GLITCH. So weird.

  3. i'm not really superstitious about much. i like to try and wear some giants paraphernalia on game day, but they refuse to win every time i wear a jersey, so clearly it's not "working" :-)

  4. Good luck on the thesis! I'd like to say something encouragingly zen-y, like Perfection is your Enemy, only I would probably come out sounding like a dorky asshole, so I'll refrain.

    Re superstition: I have lucky underwear (please note: not "get lucky" underwear. Jeesh.) Only I think these are less lucky than self-comforting: if I have a big tense thing going on that day, I'll put on the L.U. And I must say, if I WAS superstitious, which I'm not and perhaps should consider becoming, I would throw this L.U. away. Because not so much with the luck, these days. Other than being lucky in general, as in we can afford to pay our mortgage and we don't live in Iraq. That's a big chunk o luck right there.

  5. Oh congrats on the thesis chapter AND the therapist (and I totally agree with Tess - finding the right shrink is SO important)! I hope things go well!

    And it's weird - because I have a MILLION glitches, but being superstitious is not one of them. At least, I don't think.

  6. When are you coming to a Rockies game? WHEN? Let's go together!


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