Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The World May Be Ending: I had a great morning

Instead of the usual routine of tackling me or pinning me down and tickling my feet while I hit snooze no less than 20 times, this morning A. snuggled up to me and asked if I'd like a donut for breakfast.

"And coffee?" I mumbled, still vaguely aware of my morning dream, warm under the covers. (And it was such an awesome dream! I dreamed that my sister, T., just gave birth to a little boy with lots and lots of dark hair. It was one of those dreams where you feel things, you know? I woke up this morning feeling like I'd just held an hour-old newborn, all warm and snuggly and smooshy up against my chest. Oh, man.)

"Of course!" (His ass is a little too chipper in the morning, if you ask me.)

While he drove into town to pick up my favorite breakfast in the whole wide world,* I hopped in the shower. A. returned as I was getting dressed for the day. While smearing on some eye shadow, A. came up to me, grabbed my plentiful rear, and said, "You have the best ass, ever. Don't ever lose it!"

Sweet! This was one fantastic morning!

* Sweet, sugary donuts and bitter, black coffee is my favorite combination of flavors and textures, ever. So yummy. However, while running around Scotland, JelBel and I had the most incredible breakfast in Edinburgh. Warm chocolate soup and fresh croissants. I went back for at least three, maybe four more croissants in order to mop up every last bit of the chocolate. Oh, Lord have mercy that breakfast was divine. If I find something comparable here in the States, A. will never have to worry that my ass will disappear. It will be guaranteed to be quite visible and even more plentiful.


  1. Warm chocolate soup and fresh croissants? That makes me want to visit Edinburgh right now!

    I was visiting some friends, and the morning after I arrived I woke up to the smell of coffee, bacon, and french toast.

    Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

    The second best smell in the world is the smell of cooking/frying bacon. The first best smell in the world is somebody else making bacon for you.

  2. Chocolate soup! Mmmm. Also, A. sounds fabulous. I love hearing little stories like this. I feel like you don't talk about this kind of personal daily stuff that often, so it's especially exciting when you do.

  3. Going to Edinburgh next summer. Mental note: Try chocolate soup.

    What a lovely morning! Hope the rest of your day was just as good.

    A. sounds like a sweetheart!

  4. Donuts is how I learned to drink coffee: I never liked coffee until I worked in a donut shop, and the smell of coffee seemed to "match," and before I knew it I was In The Know, snorking down coffee and donuts every shift.

  5. Do you dunk? Surely you dunk.

    Why don't they make donut-flavored coffee?


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