Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fingers Crossed

Last night, A., Buster and I were all cuddled together on the couch watching the Rockies play. (They have a shot at the NL West pendant!) After much cuddling, cheering and swearing, Buster let out a yelp, stood up, spun around, and laid back down.

My heart broke into a million little pieces, right there.


Buster had an appointment with Dr. MotherEarth on September 17, the day after I returned home from NYC. You guys, he was such a CHAMP during his appointment! I was so proud of him. I was really pretty impressed with Dr. MotherEarth. Buster was giving her kisses on the mouth within seconds of meeting her (the cheat) and she never flinched.

She gave him a chiropractic exam, and he cooperated the whole time. She discovered that disk T13 is out of place, so she gave him a long message and worked it back into position.

Then she broke out the needles and performed accupuncture on my baby. Again, he was such a champ. He didn't seem to be nervous at all. I was nervous. (I hate needles. I pass out when I get my blood drawn, and have only donated blood once. I cried three times before I was even in the chair.) He had three needles across his lower back and three down each rear leg. The needles were supposed to harness energy and encourage his muscles to hold the vertebrae in place.

You know, I think that makes sense. It seems to me it is similar to the way I use yoga to stregthen my muscles in my neck and back to keep my herniated disk from getting worse.

Buster rolled over and rested on one of his rear legs and I thought I was going to pass out from hyperventalation right there. Dr. MotherEarth assured me that the needles were flexible and would bend with his muscles, but damn it freaked me out. Buster didn't even flinch. He just basked in all the pets he was getting to keep him still. He was so relaxed that by the time Dr. MotherEarth took out the needles he was sound asleep on my lap.

At the end of the appointment, Dr. MotherEarth gave me a little bottle of a homeopathic potion to help with any future pain Buster might experience. She didn't thing that he'd need future acupuncture sessions.


So, we've started Buster on a three-day regime of dosing with the homeopathic potion. Oh, I just really wish I knew how to make him feel better.


  1. Awwww.

    Yay for Buster.

    Rowen sends sniffs and kisses.

  2. Oh man. That's so tough. I'll keep my fingers crossed too.

  3. Poor Buster! Give him a hug for me. I hope this stuff works!

    The needles are bendy, huh? That's realy interesting. I wondered how that worked, since it's acupuncture on dogs.

    I'm thinking of you guys! Monk sends his love, too!

  4. It's so hard when your pets are hurting, because they can't tell you when, where or why it hurts or how much or what would make them feel better. Oh, I sure hope he responds well.

  5. Rowen and Monk (and the people they keep) are so sweet! Buster sends doggies kisses right back!


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