Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Five Things I am Loving Right. This. Minute.

In an effort to balance the rather grumpy post yesterday, here are five things I am really loving right now. In brief. 'Cause I am tuckered out.

1. A.

I cannot adequately express how much I love and admire this man. This will have to do for now.

2. A bundle of cells, busy dividing

That is right! My sister, T., is pregnant!!!! WOO HOO!!! She is due mid-March, and I COULD NOT BE ANY HAPPIER.

My happiness for her spans the full spectrum from sublime delight in this profound and awesome (in the fullest sense of the word) gift in her life to ridiculously, delusionally, and almost hysterically ecstatic because I get to be a full-blown, blood-related aunt. (I love the hell out of my niece and nephews who belong to my step-brother and A. sisters, but I am going to admit it: this one is already my favorite.)

Some things I am already planning with this little kiddo:

  1. His/her first international trip. England, Italy or the Czech Republic. By the time he/she is 14 years-old.
  2. Many, many baseball games, included many Twins games. Also, we will attend every College World Series together, beginning when he/she is three months-old.
  3. Teaching him/her how to make my mom's chocolate chip cookies. T. can teach her/him how to make Mom's brownies and sour cream cookies. T. does get the better end of this deal: the sour cream cookies are sure to be the favorite! SO YUYMMY!
  4. T. and I will both teach this little shit how to make aebleskivers. As well as how to spell aebleskivers.
T. - I love you so much.

3. Skinny Dip Beer

New Belgium, the nearby regional microbrewery, brews a seasonal beer named Skinny Dip. SO GOOD. (I also always love Fat Tire, another of their beers. But right. this. minute. it is Skinny Dip all the way.)

4. Autumn

Yes, indeedy, fall is fast approaching and I won't need to worry about shaving my legs nearly so frequently, and thusly, won't be sent into fits of rage every time I sneeze.

Yes, Black Sheeped, winter is nearly here. Our nearest neighbor spent most of last evening sawing and chopping wood - in preparation for winter stoves and fireplaces that will soon be in use. Uufta, winter is long in these parts.

5. AGR and her hubby AR. You guys enrich my and A.'s lives SO MUCH. Thank you.

** BONUS**

You guys!! I never thought I'd be as thrilled as I am by "meeting" all of you and that I'd keep in such better touch with others of you. I hope you all are having a wonderful day, free of the spiteful schemes of the Xerox corporation.


  1. Yay! Congrats to you and your sister! That is so exciting!

  2. Congrats on the new little one!

    And AEBLESKIVERS! I have an aebleskiver pan! And in fact the town celebration in my grandparents hometown is AEBLESIVER DAYS! Awesome.

  3. I'm excited for your auntdom!

    And I've been feeling confused that I don't need to wear sweaters at night. Stupid mountains, getting my internal clock all confused.

    Will you tell me how to make these mysterious aebleskivers? Because those look goooood.

  4. ALSO: There are two festivals that feature them in Iowa. You should come!

  5. Jess - thanks. SO EXCITING. Oh - and I'll be the kickass aunt that takes the little one to DC!! woohoo!!

    Tessie - Do you get the feeling we are sisters, separated at birth and now living in separate Red States?

    I gave T. her own aebleskiver pan for her wedding. Personally, I thought it was the coolest gift ever.

    Black Sheeped - yet another reason for me to venture east a bit!! And I will SHOW YOU HOW to make aebleskivers!

  6. Oh, and AEBLESKIVER DAYS!?!?! I don't think I have ever heard of a more glorious celebration in my life. That is awesome!

  7. Hi, found you through Blacksheeped. You mentioned going to Twins games, therefore we should be friends. :)

  8. The cells dividing is my little bundle of joy and is now nearly 2 1/2 inches and has glorious sounding heartbeat!! The beaming pride has already begun!!

  9. WOOO HOOOO!!!! Oh, happy dance!!

  10. Being an aunt ROCKS! You'll love it!

    And I am with you on the arrival of autumn. It has completely u-turned my bad mood.

    I am off to get some Skinny Dip Beer. I love New Belgium brewing!


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