Saturday, May 26, 2007

Preview of the Uncluttering About to Ensue


About to be under close scrutiny:

1. Kitchen
Do we really need two stock pots, two can openers, two ice cream scoops, (ok, maybe we do need two of those) and approximately 74 juice glasses?

2. T.'s Clothes Closet
I've gained 15+ pounds in the past year, and no less than 3/4 of my closet does not fit me anymore. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am not going to fit into this stuff any time soon, so I am getting rid of it -- all! Then, if I manage to stop my butt from growing and even manage to make it shrink again, I'll get to go shopping for some clothes I REALLY like. Since I've been one of those disgustingly fortunate women who had previously never gained weigh and never had to think about it, this is a new adventure for me.

3. A.'s Clothes Closet
He has a shirt in there that he wore in his high school senior pictures. Enough said.

4. Bills Notebook
My bills and other important mail get weeded out of the junk mail daily, so at least that much is done. But, I've been stacking these documents on top of my 3-ring binder rather than actually filing them. Ugh. This can be done while watching M.A.S.H. later this evening.

5. T.'s Office/M.G.'s bedroom
I need to organize the latest thesis notes from my meeting with the city. And I have a Donation Goal to donate 10 books. This will easily be the most painful part of the weekend.

I'll send updates! May the fun begin!!


  1. When you're done, could you come over to my place?

    Good luck with Unclutter Weekend!

  2. You know you'd much rather be sitting on my deck in the sunshine, drinking a chocolate-tini...Just saying. The chocolate-tini offer stands.

    I can give you all my tips, however, on the best places I have found clothing lately. I too have tossed out all my clothes that I know I will never again wear, and over the last year have found some places I actually like to shop. That are fairly cheap. I'm much happier in the morning when I know my pants are going to fit.

    Chocolate vodka and sunshine and pets!


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