Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dancing on air above a rocky slope!

A. just called me at work and he is ECSTATIC!! He just drew his Big Horn Sheep license!!

These are very difficult to draw - you have to build up "preference points" for 12 years before you can even qualify to apply for a license. It usually takes years to draw the actual license. Many people never draw in their lifetime.

That is one happy man on the phone.

This is also one of the very rare instances that I've witnessed A. exercise foresight and planning. And for 13 years, no less! Actually, I know he will be diligently planning and researching all summer for this hunt. These animals live in rocky, hostile terrain, and it will take special planning and preparation for a successful (and safe) hunt.

I am really happy for him. Who knew my day could be made by a hunting license?

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