Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five

I turned my paper in to "Advisor" earlier this week. He actually read it and sent me feedback within three days. THREE DAYS. Usually I am pumped if I get and recognition of my work within three weeks! And good news: I have some changes to make but they don't seem unreasonable or impossible. My committee should have my paper next week!


APRIL. Sweet Jesus.

April 8 - 14:
Finish paper, send to committee
Finish all University Bullshit Paperwork to graduate
Finish reading books and articles from my Reading List (about 8 items out of 30 at this point)
Try to finagle two or three days off form work to prepare for...

April 15 -17:
My exam! I will get six questions, two from each member of my committee. The questions are based on my reading list. I have to write three essays in response to three of the questions (my choice) over three days.

April 19 - 20:
Out of town for Spring meeting for work

April 21 - 25:
Washington, DC!!!!!
Also, will have to work on presentation for Master's (bummer)

Sometime April 26 - 29:
Present and defend my paper and essay questions.

April 30
Drink heavily

May 7:

Oh. My. God.

How the fuck this paper is not A Thesis I do not know. It features primary research. It is just re-arranged in "article" format rather than chapter format.

I shall stop wondering why this is not A Thesis. It is making me bitter.

I dreamt the other night that I WAS KATE MIDDLETON.


Yes, I may have purchased the issue of Life about William and Kate. But I really do not think I am obsessing over The Royal Wedding.

How embarrassing.

How does your April look?

Happy Friday to you!


  1. OMG - in ONE MONTH you will be done the Masters Degree. Done! Oh, the hobbies you can take up to fill your time...

  2. 1. Whoo!

    2. Could you publish the thesis/paper? And if you did, would that help erase the bitterness? (after all, it would probably be MORE read as an article than as an unpublished thesis languishing at the bottom of the library)

    3. Kate Middleton--there are worse royals to impersonate in dreamland, that's for sure. She seems so young and normal! If, er, quite rich.

  3. You Can Do It!!!
    so very close! i know you will pull everything off with flying colors! and there is no need to be ROCK!!!!!

  4. You are SO CLOSE! Hopefully April will breeze by and you'll be able to get everything done. What are you going to do when it's all over? Besides drink heavily, of course :-)

    Oh, to be Kate Middleton...

  5. Yippeeeeeee! There's a BLARING light at the end of the tunnel! And, you're coming to DC! Call me!

    Renée in Alexandria

  6. Congratulations, it sounds like your month is insanely busy, I wish you well. :)


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