Monday, April 18, 2011

Laptops are kind of awesome.

So. I turned in the last of my three exam essays last night. I might have written that last essay on a laptop sprawled out in front of the TV, watching the Rockies play the Cubs.

Happily, that was probably totally appropriate. American Studies is fantastic that way - as theory-laden as you can make it (if you want), it is still an act of creative exploration.

Throughout this hell, I've come to remember why I entered this program to begin with. American Studies really is a kick ass field.


I am trying to wrap up my final revisions to my paper so I can toss it to my committee and fly to DC on Thursday with only my defense (ONLY!?!) and presentation hanging over me. Sweet jeezuz, this is kicking my ass.


How are you? What else is going on in the world? I cannot wait to rejoin you all.


  1. it is totally appropriate to have been sprawled in front of the tv writing an American Studies paper...i did that at least twice (at least)...ALMOST DONE!!!! Whoo Hooo!

    i just paid for my cap and gown...


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