Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday Five

1. The homemade chicken noodle soup turned out yummy. I've never made chicken noodle soup from scratch before. SO REWARDING. (Also, so inexpensive. Using the remaining parts of that whole chicken, some carrots, celery and onion and spices, the entire pot of soup came in well under five bucks; probably closer to $3.00)

I am excited to keep trying new things with it until I have a "signature soup" that can cure all the nieces' and nephews' colds.

2. I did not misplace that apostrophe up there. A.'s sister is having a girl! There will be TWO nieces as of sometime mid-August. Woo hoo!

3. I am seriously hitting burnout at work. It feels like the terminal kind, not the kind that can be cured by a vacation.

4. Fridays have become my worst days at work. I am on week nine of 16 of producing 16 small films. This is 16 films in 16 weeks, people. This schedule is fucking killing me. As well as all of my other deadlines. Thankfully, I do have a lot of support from my co-workers and they help with what they can, and the director of the films is absolutely awesome to work with.

5. A. insists that Neosporin stings. It does not sting. I don't know where he came up with this. Do you think it stings? I have major, scary stories that have involved copious amounts of Neosporin, and none of them involve scary, stinging Neosporin.

Bummer Bonus: I have shin splints for the first time in my life. They suck. They hurt. They are keeping me from running. I was finally starting to make some real progress in my running, and now I am being slowed way down by stupid shin splints. Yesterday I couldn't run AT ALL. I am trying to take a freakin' clue from my body and take some time off, but I am so frustrated. I nearly cried last night, coming home from the gym. I felt so unproductive and doomed to a body that was changing out of my control.

I am off to pop a couple of Advil and apply a heating pad to my legs for a bit before bed. Bah.

Happy Friday to you! I am eagerily anticipating a Limoncello Martini promptly at 5:15 p.m., myself. Maybe two.


  1. A - Neosporin does NOT sting. It is soothing, healing wonderfulness.
    B - Try the bike for a couple gym visits. Low impact cardio is good for the soul. Not that I do it, but then I guess that explains the condition of my soul.
    C - Mmmmm... Lemoncello!!! A couple friends just made some from pseudo-scratch (lemon zest, everclear, and a pile of sugar). It was delightful.

  2. Can you please post your recipe for your soup? Homemade chicken soup (I keep wanting to type "coup") sounds awesome right about now.

    I have never heard of Neosporin stinging either. Sorry, A.

    Shin splints are the worst. I always got them during track season. My coaches always told me to run the opposite direction around the track, but I'm guessing if your gym is like most gyms, you have to go a certain way on certain days. Bah.

    P.S. (Damn your Avs beating our Wild.)

  3. Congrats on another niece on the way!

    16 films in 16 weeks sounds fun, but brutal!

    I had shin splints in high school and they are painful. Hope the Advil helps.

  4. add another to the "neosporin totally doesn't sting" pile :-)

    ugghhh sorry to hear about the shin splints, that's such a bummer :-( does your gym offer yoga or pilates? i've spent most of my life scoffing at both, and have recently started taking one class a week and i swear it has had more effect on my body (shape) than anything else. and low impact, too!

  5. Neosporin does not sting. At all. They even make one that relieves the pain. My kids insist on it for their cuts and scrapes, and no way would they let me put on something that stung. They'd rather die or lose a limb to infection.

    Also, shin splints suck and those gym tracks always cause them. I had to move my running outside. Asphalt is better than those indoor sloped tracks. For me, anyway. Take it easy so you don't end up with a stress fracture. I've done that, too. No fun.

  6. Yay on the niece!

    Shin splints: Take a couple of dixie cups, fill with water, and freeze. Then ice your shins. Bags of frozen peas also work well for shins and knees. To prevent shin splints, make sure you stretch out your shins (not just your calves) after running by doing ankle rotations and heel drops.

    I've been trying to get myself back to running but my crazy schedule and the schizo weather are not cooperating.

  7. I'm sorry about your work burn out.
    In no way does Neosporin sting. NO WAY.
    Shin splints suck.

  8. Neosporin totally doesn't sting. They even have a pain relieving kind, so it REALLY shouldn't sting. Also, the homemade chicken soup? Sounds totally awesome. I tried making potato soup once and it was very much NOT GOOD.


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