Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't Tell Me You Don't Believe

A couple of weeks ago, at 5:15 a.m.:

[alarm radio clicks on]

Alarm Radio: "...and then there was this light, it followed me through the house, th-- through my kitchen, into my bedroom and kind of swooshed through the window behind my head...they seemed to know everywhere I was...the lights never faded..."

Me [mumbling, grumpily into my pillow]: What the hell is that woman talking about?

A. [up and about, chipper as shit]: When the aliens finally found her.

Me: [Consider what it must be like to be abducted. Consider this seriously. To the point of making myself freak out a little.]

[Imagine further what alien abduction might entail. Graphically.]

[Am fully awake, now.]

Alarm Radio: "...it is imperative that people be warned of what is happening. Everyone needs to know what signs to look for..."


Me [rolling over, finally coming up for air from my comfy, comfy pillow]: What the hell station did you tune the radio to?

A. [walking out the bedroom door]: I didn't. It tuned itself.


  1. Ooooooooo creepy! The aliens are coming! Be on the lookout!

  2. Awesome! Maybe our alien overlords can fix the economy, and end the war. In return they will probably force us into slavery to do their gold mining and such, but hey... you can't have it all.

    Also, I have suspected for some time that the word verification we are forced to enter into blogger here is really a secret code the aliens use to covertly communicate with each other. Knowing this, I now willingly enter the code, just so I may publish this comment.

  3. Maybe it's time to start wearing that tinfoil hat so they can't hear your thoughts.

    Seriously, that would have creeped me right the heck out.

  4. AWESOME. You and A. are me and J. in the mornings.

    BTW, are you an X-Files fan? I can't remember if it's you or PixelPi who's mentioned it before. If it's you, we totally need to hang out and watch old episodes.

    If it's not you, I apologize for my geekiness. But we should still hang out.

  5. Your morning conversations are WAY cooler than mine, which go something like

    Me: I'm putting the baby in here with you so I can take T to the bus stop.

    Husband: Uhn.

    Me: Did you GET that?

    Husband: Yuhn.

    Me: Can you perhaps open one eye so I can falsely feel that the baby is in capable hands when I walk out the door.

    Husband (cracks an eye): Uhn.

  6. This had to be an April Fool's post . . . right?!! Otherwise, um, I'm woefully unprepared for the aliens.

  7. that is AWESOME. maybe they'll be the kind who don't like water?

  8. Clearly, you are one of the aliens little favorites, since they warned you of their imminent arrival. They're giving you a head start, as well as those whom you choose to tell. We should all take shelter in a bunker somewhere.

  9. This TOTALLY reminds me of that Signs movie. GAH!

  10. It tuned itself. Haha! Clever morning person, that A.!

  11. Have I mentioned recently how much I adore your boyfriend? 'cause his final comment... genius.

  12. OH! And what are the signs! How could you *not* tell us that?


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