Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Different Inspirations

I wish I had the camera. When Buster scratches his chin he makes the FUNNIEST, twisted face. I think his skull morphs into an elongated, asymmetrical brain-casing of Play-Doh. Seems appropriate, seeing as how his brain itself is Play-Do. But his heart is pure gold and angels' kisses!

When he scratches his belly, however, he looks like a dirty old man.

Since I don't have a picture of Buster scratching himself, (how disappointed are you?), here are some examples of the kinds of photos A. is taking while he struts across the state, all sexy and stuff. Looking for prairie dogs.

I am really jealous of the land he gets to see and experience.

I am not jealous of everything he sees, though.

I suppose we have different inspirations; ridiculous, mundane dog behavior or breathtaking vistas. And breathtaking rattlesnakes.

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