Monday, August 6, 2012

To Increase Our Family or Not?

I was fly fishing in some of the most beautiful country over the weekend. It was great; we camped in a really isolated spot on Saturday and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Belle even had a great time!

Belle was a total trooper. She swap through the large stream without hesitation. While I was holding her on her leash, she kept circling me. First, shed run into a faster current and run up it, biting at the water. Then she'd hit the less fast but still deep water and run through that, sprinting for land. Then she'd haul ass around me and do it all over again. You'd never guess she's 12.

We are considering adopting another dog. I've found about 28,397 on that I'd like to adopt. Both mine and A.'s main concern is whether the new pup will be someone Belle will take to. We don't want her last few years with us made miserable by a dog she can't stand.

When we puppysat Smuckers, we had him for over a week. Belle didn't pay him the slightest attention, but rather hid in her favorite spots most of the time.

Smuckers was rambunctious and kind of crazy and she just didn't want to put up with it. The last thing I want is for her to hide. I want her happy and playing and smiling, like she was this weekend.  So, we are hoping we can take her with us to meet any potential new babies and hope that she sends us a clear signal if she likes someone.

I hate for her to be without a companion all day, I hate that there are sweethearts needing to be adopted. But I don't want to disrupt Belle's life more than I have to.


  1. Oh, yay for a playful Belle! I love seeing that.

    I think the idea to bring her with when you're looking at potential new additions is great. Or maybe you can foster a dog? That way, if it doesn't work out, that's OK. But if it does, then you can officially adopt the pup.

  2. I love that photo of you and Belle fishing! It looks like my kind of heaven. I'm glad to hear you're thinking of getting another dog. There are so many animals out there who need a home like yours. Yet, I know how hard it is to move on after losing one.

    I think fostering is the perfect solution. Does your local animal shelter have such a program? Ours does. In fact, some people only foster homeless pets until they are adopted. Others end up adopting the ones they foster and take themselves off the foster list until their home has room again. The only risk is that someone adopts the dog that you're fostering before you decide to adopt him/her yourself. I suppose that's a small risk, b/c it means that a homeless animal got a home and made room for you to give an opportunity to another. Good luck and keep us posted!

  3. Years ago, when a friend of mine got divorced and split custody of the dogs, I remember being kind of shocked that his custodial dog was actually much happier without his sibling (who might actually have been his real sibling, I can't remember). Which is to say: good for you for being such a sensitive and aware dog owner. I always used to think the more the merrier with dogs, but that's really not true.

  4. i was going to suggest the fostering as well! although i hadn't thought of bringing belle to meet prospective new dog-siblings, which is a great idea too. i hope you are able to find a good fit for the family!

  5. If you have dog racing in your area, you might look into adopting a retired greyhound. They are supposed to be very low-key, low maintenance dogs. Or look for an older dog at the shelter. They are usually harder to place---most people want puppies---but might better match Belle's energy level and temperament.


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