Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Heart's Chambers are Filled with Friends

Last week I was in Washington, DC* and New York City visiting and celebrating with friends. It was one of the best trips I've ever taken. I am still bouncing around, happy from it all.


  • Staying at my friend, Doe's, house. This place will always, always, feel like home. I love it there (and Doe) so very much.
  • All the green things and flowers that grow in the area this time of year. It is so diverse and rich and wonderful. 
  • Hanging with JV and little V, who is almost one! 
  • Brunch with JB and Bibliodiva. Funny story: JB used to annoy the HELL out of me. And now he is someone I love. Quite fiercely, in fact. And Bibliodiva is such a good friend. I mean that in all its possible depth. We've stayed in touch over the years and have grown closer. I do treasure her so. I think of her often in my day, but most especially when I wear a slip, knit, proofread, and shine my shoes.
  • The National Gallery East Wing. I love visiting Rothko. 
  • Who am I kidding? I love the West Wing as well.
  • Traveling with V. There is nothing like a train ride with a sick one-year-old! (I thought she did very well, but her mama was pretty stressed.)
  • Lunch at Union Station with the woman who has had the most profound impact on my professional self, as well as personal. She knows exactly when and how to call bullshit to facilitate the most growth. Love you, L!
  • Meeting Alice.
  • Dinner at a fantastic Lebanese restaurant in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Old Town, VA with my most favorite Republicans. They also happen to be my favorite everything. 
  • Meeting my sister-in-law and her honey in Hell's Kitchen. I think I had the best burger I've ever had. It was so fun to see them on their own turf.
  • Walking around NYC and not getting lost! Go, me!
  • DPR getting hooded with his PhD from Columbia. I might have cried a bit. Frequently. We have known each other since our first semester of freshman year. For nearly eight years we were inseparable, and then I made a questionable decision and moved away. (Grad school.) I am insanely proud of him. 
  • Partying with old and new friends alike!

I miss all of these people so much. I am so fortunate to call all these fine folks my friends, but I still reserve the right to complain that we are nearly 2,000 miles apart. Regardless of who moved first.

I even met a bloggy friend, Alice!!!!! I even got to hear this story - IN PERSON! I didn't experience any awkwardness, especially as she is the very same person in real life as she is online. She is genuine, and I just adore her. Thanks for meeting me in a sketchy Rosslyn bar, Alice!

Stupidly, I did not take any pictures with Alice. I took very few pictures the entire week. This did not surprise A. one bit. As he said, "You get distracted, you know, because you experience the moment, rather than photograph it."  Or, I am a simpleton who cannot remember to get my camera out of my purse.

It was truly a fantastic week. I saw so many people dear to me. I missed a few, too. (RB!!)

Friends are good. They are powerful, indeed.

The title of this post may seem a bit much, but I stand by that statement all the way.


*I feel like a goober spelling out "Washington, DC" instead of just stating, "DC." A. says it is a stuck up Washington-insider type of thing. I don't think so. Do you think of "Washington, DC" or "DC" when you think of that bastion of corruption and super inflated egos?


  1. I say/write "DC", but that's probably just b/c I'm lazy. I also never write "because" or "with". It's always b/c or w/. I guess I just love slashes.

    Oh, and it's impossible to overstate the value of good friends. They're the family we get to pick.

  2. I say DC but if anything, I'd have thought that was the insider way of saying it, like rudely assuming that the "Washington" isn't necessary. So who knows.

    I LOVE Alice. She helped us make our wedding invitations! I'm so pissed that you two met each other without me. Even though I've met both of you separately! Just because I adore you both.

  3. oh my lord, 12 hundred weeks later i finally read this! belated YAY and i am SO GLAD we met up!!

    hmm... i always say DC, but then again i grew up only a few hours from here so it was a pretty common destination & everyone definitely knew what you meant if you just said the DC part.


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