Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Five

I am trying to remind myself that all people deserve respect in that they, too, are human beings with their own dreams, disasters, loves, and losses.

But it is so hard in the face of so much stupidity, selfishness, and just plain meanness.

I have a long way to go.

Suddenly, I have become and "involved" sort of person. I am serving on a community committee to form and improvement district through the county and serve on a committee of our local Main Street Program.

Much to my surprise, I am loving it.

My Thesis Advisor is also on this committee. I decided "fuck it," I am doing what I want and giving this man not one more ounce of control over my life, ever again.

4. A. and I watched We Bought a Zoo last night. A few things:

  • I cried my eyes out. So many, many things in this movie resonated with me, quite deeply.
  • I HHHHHAAAATTTEEEE crying at movies, books, etc. I try to avoid such experiences whenever possible.
  • If I were guaranteed to have my child be that little girl, Rosie, I would get knocked up RIGHT NOW. She would be fun to raise. Oh, my lord, did I ever adore her. 
  • I want to buy a zoo. 
I leave tomorrow for DC, then I am taking a train to NYC for my best friend's graduation. Mr. Smartypants is getting his PhD. I am so stinking proud of him.  Holy cow, you guys.

I cannot wait! Friends! City noises and commotion! Food!

I am soooo looking forward to the food! I miss good restaurants. Which is a bit of a problem, what with all this Weight Watchers nonsense. I finally, actually, stuck to it for a week and lost 3 pounds! Now I shall gain that all back and more, I am sure! And I will be disheartened.

I'll do the "don't eat bread at dinner," " choose one: a drink or dessert?" kind of stuff, but it shall be no match for the yumminess I have in store. Besides, I am so far removed from such possibilities in my everyday life I am not really creating behaivors I could possibley carry out here.

In other words, this next week is a Special Occasion. And I shall take full advantage of it.

Yay to fabulous restaurants!  DCers - what are some of your favorite places? Also, want to try to meet up somehow?

Happy Friday to you!


  1. OH! yes! i am in dc! let's hang out! and talk about restaurants!! what day(s?) will you be dc during the trip? also: if you are looking for dc food recommendations, do you have any genre preferences? :)

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