Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So many cycles!

In other frustrating news, over the weekend I bought myself a brand-spankin' new dryer to replace ours that has not been drying worth a damn for a few months. It takes nearly two to three hours to dry a moderately-sized load of laundry. Uncool

On Saturday, I’d had enough. I replaced the venting tube, dismantled the damn dryer and vacuumed every possible hiding place for lint to build up. I felt empowered and kick ass as I tore apart an appliance that could electrocute me. (Yes, I unplugged it first.) 

Still no improvement.

So. I decided to buy myself a new dryer. I did not want to mess with having someone come out and maybe put in a new heating element or some such. If I was going to spend that much money, I wanted a new goddamn dryer. (For those who may not know me well, I agonize for weeks over spending $40. So to just buy a dryer on a whim? Uncharacteristic.)

I marched downtown and bought a dryer. For me. A dryer. For me. New and shiny. It arrives on Thursday.
I have never owned a new washer or dryer. Or a new dishwasher or fridge. I have to admit, I am really, really excited for this new dryer! It is huge and fancy. It is not one of those super fancypants front-loading pretty ones, but it is still pretty spiffy. It has more options than our current machine, which offers HOT or LOW and that is it. What about medium? Why no medium?

It can sanitize. You guys! I use microcloths to clean everything in the house - including the toilet (not the inside of the bowl, but everything else). To know that I can sanitize those fuckers before using them again DELIGHTS ME TO NO END. 

[Cleaning info tangent: Currently, I wash the cloths in hot water, then again in cold water with bleach. Normally, I would dry them on HOT AS HELL as well, to kill any leftover grossness. I have a designated set of cloths for the toilet, because I was never convinced they would be clean enough to use for anything else. Even if this new dryer does sanitize, I am still not ever using them on the kitchen counters. GROSS. The end.)

Yesterday, I went out back with Belle. As we were returning to the house I noticed the dryer vent on the outside of the house. I was convinced it was a rigid plastic vent and so never bothered to check it while searching for the cause of the dryer shittiness. But, no.It is not rigit, it is flexible. It is some flimsy metal dealio. That was squished against the house.*


A. pried it open for me, and removed a couple of clumps of lint I'd missed.

I put in another load of laundry to see if the dryer worked any better. I hoped, silently, that the dryer would still be a piece of shit. At the sound of the buzzer, I slowly opened the dryer door, dreading what I might find.

The clothes were dry and piping hot within 35 minutes.

Damn it. I wanted my fancy new dryer. But I suppose the responsible thing to do is to return it, seeing as how I have a dryer that works pretty damn well, apparently.

But I don't want to. I am thisclose to pouting. For real.

Our budget has no wiggle room right now with Buster's treatment and the oodles of tests and whatnot he had to get diagnosed with lymphoma. We rarely have wiggle room as it is. I am usually quite okay with this. I have never been in a place in my life where I have extra money to spend on things for fun rather than necessity. Rather, growing up and for nearly all of adulthood I have not had extra money for fun stuff. We've been a bit more comfortable lately, before the Buster Cancer. I have a hard time buying stuff for myself. But that is another post for another day.

I try really hard not to let myself want things, as I usually cannot have them. This usually works.

But, damn. Once I let go of that hesitation and guilt and just BOUGHT MYSELF A FANCY THING, I do not want to give it back.

Anyone need a dryer? Do you know of a family who is in a dire financial situation who needs a dryer? I will gladly give them mine. So I not feel like an asshole about keeping the shiny new appliance.

* Also another story for another post: We figured out the dryer vent got smooshed in when A. FELL OF THE ROOF and hit it. He was fine, but damn.


  1. It got squished because A. fell off the roof???!?!??!?!?! Oh my god. I need to hear this story.

    I can't believe you took the whole thing apart and cleaned it! And then realized it was the vent. You must have the cleanest dryer out there! And there must be someone you could donate it to.

    I totally understand about buying new things. J. and I went around and around and AROUND about fixing our washer vs. buying new. We opted to pay for the repair, and now we just hope the thing lasts long enough to justify that cost.

    (Although I want to buy a new treadmill. Ours is STILL broken. It has been nearly 6 weeks, and to stop J's nervous twitching about not being able to run, I feel that buying a new one would be justified. We won't though, because even though the repair guy replaced the motor controller (to no avail) and we now have to wait another 10 days for a new motor to arrive, everything is covered under warranty and I'll be damned if I'm not going to take advantage of having something break BEFORE the warranty expires (which it does, in 6 weeks)).

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo! I was feeling happy and perky for you while reading the Dryer Adventure, and when you got to "That was squished against the house," my heart SANK.

  3. wait, a couple of clumps of lint was enough to make the dryer THAT ineffective?! i say a new dryer is needed anyway! this old one seems UNRELIABLE to me :)

  4. Could you donate it to a women's shelter or homeless shelter or someplace where people live and they must do laundry? If you donate it then you can also take a tax write-off which would defray the cost of the new dryer a bit.

  5. Oh my, you really are my twin!! I hate wanting things too, and I fret and fester forever before I spend any real money on anything. And when I finally do, I spend just as much time justifying it all over again.

    Anyway, our little city has a free store type organization that takes used household goods and donates them to women and families who are victims of domestic abuse and are starting over. We've given them a couch, refrigerator and other kitchen wares over the years. They even come pick it up and give you a receipt. Can you find one of those?


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