Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Five

1. I am exhausted. Basically, on Wednesday night it seemed that we would be saying bye to Buster if his health did not improve within a couple of days. Of course, he woke up perky the next morning. (Yay!!! Roller coasters are fun!) It was a tiny improvement, but it meant a lot to me. Wednesday night he didn't really care I was there to visit. He did not attempt to get out of his crate to see me, or go outside or anything. Thursday he walked to his potty appointments and up to me and was perky-ish. He did not wag his tail, but he definitely paid attention to me. 

He is slooooowly improving and is not out of the woods yet. I have been working half days and driving to Fort Collins for 15-minute visits with Buster. Totally worth it. I even brought Belle yesterday and they set it up so she could visit him, too! I am telling you, the CSU Vet Teaching Hospital is fucking fantastic.

2. Apparently, the Universe did not think I was freaking out enough about the well-being of dogs. When Belle and I were walking up to the hospital entrance yesterday we had to make way for the Humane Society van. They were unloading a hurt dog for emergency treatment. Oh, hello. My heart is dead now, thanks. 

My mind raced through all the possible worst-case scenarios of how this poor pup came to be in this sad situation and I walked in to the hospital crying. I had left the day before crying. 

I am a real treat to be around, lately.

3. So, this extended (and unexpected) puppy hospital stay has put a rather large DENT in our budget. LARGE. 

But I still want my new dryer!!! (Insert self-pitying sniffle here.)

What do I do, Internet? Keep the dryer or return it? It hasn't even been delivered yet, so I am sure returning it won't be a problem.

4. My heart is so heavy for A. He loves Buster so much and is so, so tender toward him. It is amazing. And heart-wrenching.

5. On the drive home last night, a car came up on me really fast and then passed me on a two-lane highway with a double yellow line! I was so pissed! I flipped the driver off.

It was a highway patrol.


Happy Friday to you!


  1. Oof. I'm glad Buster is feeling better, and I'm so sorry for what you're going through. It's sad and exhausting. And stressful with the money.

  2. what if you sell your old dryer on craiglist/whatever? then you're being fiscally responsible!!

  3. You flipped off a COP? AHA HA HA HAHA HA HA!

    I think I would return the dryer, and then I would put it on my "someday soon" list. I might also clip out a picture of it and frame it.

  4. I'd return the dryer too. It just doesn't seem worth the budget anguish, esp if yours works fine now. You'll probably feel some relief once you return it b/c you'll be able to focus more of your energy and resources where they're needed most right now, on Buster.


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