Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I think Bill is An Asshole and Has Bad Hair

Well, hello there.

It seems, since turning in The Thesis, I have relaxed. So much so, that I could not put in the energy to write a blog post.

Nothing interesting is going on, anyway. I have done little more than read four of the Sookie Stackhouse vampire mysteries and watched the first two episodes of True Blood.  I hated the character Bill immediately, in both the books and the show. The opening credits to the show are fucking brilliant. These stories have been the perfect escape from all the stress I carried on my shoulders until I turned in The Thesis..


Do you recall that my adviser said he would get back to me in two weeks upon receipt of The Thesis? I turned in my thesis on August 31.

I got an email from him today, October 5, saying he just started reading it.

The good news is that he thinks it is a significant improvement from my previous draft. The bad news is, he has not yet read the shit new sections I threw together on August 31.

Regardless, we are meeting next Tuesday to discuss if I still want to graduate by December. “Because if so, we need to talk.” Talk about what? How it is October 5 and graduation is December 4? How it sure would be nice to have three months to revise and edit The Thesis instead of two? That this is going to be a tight God-damned deadline?

Boy, I sure wish I could have had this talk mid-September!

I am fuming, but ready to move on.


I am trying to lose weight for the first time in my life. I have lost 5 pounds, maybe. I am still tracking calories and stuff on Sparkpeople, and have started tracking workouts, too.

I miss being 20 and having a metabolism that was sky-high.


I am going to Portland in a couple of weeks for a dear friend’s wedding. I am anxious to meet his bride; I hope we like each other. It will totally break my heart if we don’t.

Other than visiting and purchasing a couple of delights from Voodoo Doughnut, I have not made plans. Andy will most likely be hunting (he made a commitment to a friend before we got the wedding invite) so I will be prancing around the city on my own. Too bad; we could have eloped at a doughnut shop. That is about the only wedding I think I can truly get behind! I am, however, actually quite excited about the idea of a little adventure, all to myself.

Any suggestions as to what I simply must see or do while there?


I missed you guys.


  1. I am fuming, too, on your behalf. Seriously. I can think of several choice words for that guy.

    Five pounds is great! Especially because, didn't you say that when you started you didn't lose anything? So this is very good progress.

  2. um...so is your advisor and my advisor on the same plane somewhere out of the country? i emailed stalked her for weeks before the semester started, finally getting a response two weeks ago saying she would be out of the country and we could meet mid-october at the earliest...um, thanks? i think i am heading in the right direction, and if not, well she will make it better because i WILL be done in december! Good Luck!!

    as for portland, i hear they have good wine!

  3. I feel your pain. My whole committee has gone radio silent---just when I need their input to make sure I'm on track with my fieldwork. Bah.

    Congrats on the 5 lbs!

  4. I'm so glad you've been relaxing. I LOVE True Blood and I agree about the credits.

    Portland is supposed to be amazing! I've never been but it seems like such a cool city.

  5. Commiserations on the thesis nonsense (why do advisors DO this? Is it a hazing thing? Is it supposed to be educational? Are they just overworked and trying to cut corners where they can?)

    And, yay to relaxing. Also, yay to a trip to Portland and the lost pounds.

  6. Relaxing is the best. And I understand the frustration with the advisor. I mean, of COURSE you want to graduate in December, isn't that why you turned in the thesis in August? Hrmph.


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