Monday, September 6, 2010

Help! Need Suggestions


A good friend of mine was in an accident a few days ago. A pop-up trailer disconnected in front of her car and blew threw the windshield and broke her face is six places. She is being released tonight. Thankfully, her hubby and 18-month-old were in the backseat and were unhurt.

I would like to do something for them, obviously. I thought about making a lasagna and putting it in their freezer. What are some other dishes that would be from the "freezes beautifully" section?

What else can I do? Offer to come over a couple nights a week after work to get dinner started, a load of laundry done? Take an afternoon off and take her little girl to the pool so she can rest?

Thoughts?  You guys are of the awesome sort. Any suggestions would be great.

Boy, I am going to party my ass off when it is time to wave goodbye to 2010.


  1. Ack. Oh, poor friend!

    I make a soup recipe that freezes well and is all yummy and nutritious. Recently I've been putting in a can of chick peas and a can of black beans instead of the half pound of broccoli, which makes it even more Filling and Sustaining.

  2. Oh my goodness! How awful! I'm sure glad her husband and baby are safe and sound.

    I've found that pot pies freeze well.

    Also, entertaining her daughter so your friend can rest guilt-free is a wonderful idea. If you're close friends, you can offer to tidy up the house for her.

  3. Chili, stuffed shells, homemade soup. Depending on her injuries, soft foods might be best---things like applesauce, soup, purees.

    She'd probably appreciate just having some company from time to time---especially in a week or two when the initial rush of sympathy wears off and everyone goes back to life as normal. And I don't know any parent who wouldn't love some free babysitting.

  4. Definitely babysitting! Even if you don't take the Little One out of the house, just being there so Your Friend can nap in piece will be a big help.

    Ask if there are any errands you can run around town for her. Pick up/drop off the dry cleaning/library books/movies, take the car for a wash,...stuff like that. Do the things you wish someone had done for you when you were recovering from your accident.

    Oh, and most definitely, hurrah, that husband and Little Person are unhurt. Things can be replaced. People cannot.

  5. Wow, that's a terrifying story. Glad your friend wasn't more seriously hurt and that husband and baby escaped unscathed.

    One of my favorite and more unusual freeze ahead recipes is this chana punjabi, which is like an indian chickpea stew- the flavor is delicious and it's easy and filling (and vegetarian!)

  6. I don't really know how to freeze dinner items, but quick breads and muffins would be nice. Also, I agree with the childcare idea and running errands. Those would both help them out immeasurably.

  7. Oh no! Definitely babysitting and offers to help around the house. Also you could write a list of things you could do to help and give it to her or her husband and let them choose.

    Thinking of you!

  8. You are a good friend. The kid help I'm sure would be much appreciated. When one of my friends who is a little OCD had a foot injury, I remember offering to vaccuum and clean her bathrooms because she just couldn't handle them being dirty. She said it was the best thing anyone had done for her since she got injured. Just keep offering - little things are the best medicine.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about this! :-( I hope she recovers well. You're a truly wonderful friend. Anything you do will be helpful, and as for good freezer foods, any type of casserole freezes well. One of my favorites (although not very healthy) is tater tot casserole. If you google it, you'll find countless recipes. And bring paper plates and plastic utensils when you drop it off so there are no dishes!

  10. How did I miss this post?!? What a scary thing for your friend - I hope she has a speedy recovery.

    The only thing I regularly freeze is chicken dumpling soup, and it reheats wonderfully. The recipe is here:

  11. that is TERRIFYING, my gosh. i'm glad she's.. OK seems the wrong word, but you know. eesh.

    i made little lasagnas for a friend who had just had her first baby, but made them "individual sized" by cooking them in wee banana-bread sized tins. you are so lovely for doing this for your friend!

  12. How scary.
    Chicken pot pie! What can't it cure.

  13. Eesh! Anybody with a smashed face might have a bit of difficulty/pain chewing so I might go in the soup direction. A hearty chicken noodle is always a crowd pleaser. Or you could try leek and potato. You just cook em up, pop em in the blender, and spice to taste. I made that recently and it was DE-licious (I added some drippings from the previous day's pesto lamb).


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