Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Five

1. I met with my "adviser" on Tuesday.

He thinks my current paper would be a "really, really good" plan B paper (not a thesis) with very little work. However, I would then need to present a 24-item reading list in the field of what I consider American Studies and present it to my committee. Then, I would have to basically take comp exams over it (three questions from my committee with three days to write/respond), and defend both the paper and my exam to my committee by December.

I don't know that I am familiar enough with any 24 readings to do this by December. Thoughts? It is "open book," but to do this at the level required I would need to be very, very familiar with these readings. I have about 15 items I feel that comfortable with, but that is it.

The other option is to continue with The Thesis. He is mostly pretty happy with it, actually. My analysis/synthesis section would have to be substantial, which I think it will be.

I think I have a better chance of wrapping up The Thesis, though I am not at all opposed to a Plan B. finish.

I am to email him today with some thoughts on my analysis section and potential reading list and we are meeting again on Tuesday to hash it out.


2. Last night, A. and I made lamb chops for the first time. We seared them over high heat and then moved the pan into a super hot oven for 10 minutes. It was smoky (as was expected).

What wasn't expected was the dogs reactions. Before A. and I could discern any smoke, the dogs both started acting super nervous, fidgety and scared. We let them outside. A bit later the smoke detectors when off and it took a while to get them to stop screeching. The dogs were still outside for this.

I went to let the dogs in and they both skidded to a stop at the threshold. Their noses were sniffing and were wiggling in overdrive. They REFUSED to enter the house.

We finally coaxed Buster back in with the promise of treats two hours later, but Belle refused. She refused ever invitation, and slept outside. She still wouldn't come in this morning. When she finally did come in, she was literally walking so close to A. that she was touching him at all times.  She curled up with me for a bit. She was shaking the whole time. I have NEVER seen Belle shake before. Never.

We totally, utterly tramautized our dogs while making dinner.

But the chops turned out fantastic.

But I still feel horrible!

3. I feel even worse because this afternoon I am dropping them off to the kennel and that freaks them the fuck out for a good week after we've picked them up. 

4. It is kind of hard to feel excited for my trip to Portland knowing the dogs are miserable. I am trying to keep perspective on this, but I am stupidly empathetic with the dogs, so who knows.

5. I can't believe Gretchen got to advance on Project Runway. Team Mondo forever!

Happy Friday to you!


  1. I think continuing with the thesis sounds like a good plan, while also maybe looking into this reading list so that if you do end up going with Plan B, you don't end up totally screwed.

    I can't believe that about the dogs! BOTH of them! I have never had a dog react that way to smoke. Montana hates the smoke ALARM, but as soon as it turns off, she is fine again, if perhaps slightly clingier than usual.

  2. I would lean toward finishing the thesis as well. I bet you just can't wait to be FINISHED with this thing, huh?

    Poor dogs! Crazy that they sensed something was going to happen before it did. You'll be warned well in advance of a fire!

    Shorty goes and hides when I make dinner. I tell myself it's because he doesn't like the kitchen timing clicking down or the *ding* when it's done, but I suspect it might be because I've set off the fire alarm a few times (just opening the oven causes this, not because I burn everything). :)

  3. i must admit i don't know what a Plan B paper is.. like, then you'd have to write a NEW thesis after that? or.. instead of a thesis? do you still finish? i am not versed in Higher Learning :)

    your poor pups! my cats are WAY less self-preservation-y. oliver would probably light himself ON FIRE trying to investigate the cause of smoke before realizing anything was wrong.

  4. Oh, heavens. STICK WITH THE THESIS. You're much closer. Your advisor's advice sounds a little passive aggressive, or something--I mean, consider getting a second opinion (on how much work finishing the thesis is likely to be. SURELY it will be less than taking a huge, if open book, test.)

    And: your dogs are SURVIVORS, man. They would last through the apocalypse. If it didn't stress them out too much, that is.

  5. I'd finish the thesis. But that's just me. I'd rather have a paper than a test. BLech.

    And poor puppies!

  6. Every time I even look at Gretchen I get annoyed!! She just bugs the hell out of me. :)


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