Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well, hello

Things have been busy and I haven't felt like adding any extra minutes in front of the computer.


Yesterday I didn't need to wear a jacket while outside. This morning, within an hour and a half, 3 inches of wet, heavy snow have covered the ground and visibility is pretty damn short. This is only our second snow! The first was hardly a dusting a few weeks ago. It has been a strange, but pleasant, fall.


I meet with my committee next week. My adviser and I have been in steady contact (whoa!!). I could make myself miserable, as well as my committee, and try to finish The Thesis by December 3. That means the defense and final changes and submission to the University and everything.

I decided I didn't really want to do it that way. Yes, it would be done, but I would feel like shit.

So, I am doing a Plan B. It is no less rigorous, really. My current paper will need to be rearranged a bit so it reads as an 80+-page essay rather than chapters, and I have a bit of wrapping up and cleaning up to do. Otherwise, it is in great shape. My arguments are sound, etc. So, that feels pretty damn good.

Then, I have to come up with a reading list. This is primarily why I am meeting with my committee as a whole. I've submitted a proposed list that they felt was too centered on my non-Thesis topic. They are going to help me round it out a bit, plus add some key texts from the last few years in the field and American Studies Association Presidential Addresses and such.

I am actually really excited about the reading list. I get to read about all the other stuff that drew me into this field of study to begin with! It has definitely reignited my love for my degree and the field. It will be nice to branch back out.

Then, in the beginning of February I will defend my paper and write three exam essays in response to quesitons from my committee. It is set up almost exactly like comps. I will have three categories with three exam questions each. I pick three, and have three days to write essays. I will defend those essays as well, in February.

And then I am done!

I feel really, really good about this.


A. and I are buying our first piece of Honest-to-God furniture this week. We found this on sale for over 60% off, and it is soooo comfy. ((t is the loveseat the model is sitting on._ I am not a huge fan of the puffy furniture style, but damn. It is comfy. Each side of the loveseat rock and recline. It is pretty damn awesome. Our current rocking chair still reclines and rocks without so much as a squeak. It, too, is a Lazboy. It is 34 years old. The upholstery and cushions are totally disintegrating. It might be nice to reupholster it, but we are spoiling ourselves. This is our Christmas and birthday gifts to each other. I can't wait till it is in our living room!

I can't believe I am splurging on such a thing, but I am pretty tickled.


What is new with you?


  1. Congrats on plan b!! i am curious to see what your reading list will be, not much new with me just finishing up the project and counting down to the finish line

  2. I LOVE our Lazboy. SO COMFY OMG. I intend to spend many hours nursing in that chair once Piglet has arrived.

    So glad things are looking good with the (non-)Thesis!

  3. I LOVE La-Z-Boy. We bought two recliners when I was expecting the twins, and I sit/nap in them ALL THE TIME.

  4. yay for plan b!! (haha, that sounds odd in some contexts... :) )

    i'm jealous of your lazyboy. i have one not-very-comfortable couch, and i very much need a comfy upgrade and/or addition.

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