Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Five

1. I turned the corner to my desk this morning and was greeted by a beautiful Calla Lily plant. My coworkers chipped in and got it for me as a way to say they are thinking of me after the loss of my uncle.

2. What a blessing to feel so cared for by the people you work next to for 40 hours of every week. I am so, so, so fortunate to work where I do.

3. I am going shopping tonight or tomorrow, as quickly as possible, for a dress to wear to a friends wedding and maybe a few more shirts for work. I hate shopping, and I just want to get it over with.

4. A.'s friend bailed on him on their plans to go up and get firewood this weekend. I REALLY need to wrap up the god damned thesis, and this is my ONLY  free weekend in the next six weeks. I NEED this weekend to be mine.

But I really don't like the idea of A. going up to the mountains with a so-scary-because-it-can-kill-you chainsaw, cutting down huge-ass so-scary-because-they-can-smoosh-you trees. Plus, then he has to cut the trees to size and load them all by himself.

He is totally willing to do this by himself. I am just worried. It seems like a foolish plan to me.

What do I do?

5. It doesn't even feel like summer. I have gone fishing TWICE. Twice! We have only gone to ONE Rockies game (though, damn, they are breaking my heart this year), and we have only gone camping ONCE. WTF?

I am just in a crabby ass mood.

Happy Friday to you! May you not be surrounded by crabby people!


  1. Sorry you're crabby. Can A. go off by himself and do something else, something slightly less dangerous?

  2. I'm behind on my blog reading, and just wanted to tell you that I am so sorry about your uncle.

    Can A. hold off to do the dangerous wood gathering until a different weekend and still give you the weekend to finish the thesis? I don't like the idea of him going off by himself either.

    We've had a nice summer here weather-wise, but I am feeling the urge to fill the remainder of it with all sorts of activities because it's almost August!

  3. Pretty sure fire wood isn't going to evaporate this weekend.

  4. oh dear. i see your dilemma... i wouldn't want him going off to be all lumberjacky by himself either. (i totally think of you guys like pioneers, btw. cutting your own trees down! making your own firewood! you LIVE OFF THE LAND!)


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