Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Five

1. Why, hello there!

2. How about some riveting weather chit chat, eh? What can I say? When it is -40 with windchill weather is kind of an omnipresent topic, you know?

We've had enough snow and wind to totally drift my car in at the house. We are a one-truck household right now. I kind of like it when this happens. I feel like such a team, what with A. and I planning our schedules and helping each other out. It is kind of sweet. In a pain-in-the-ass, bitch-under-your-breath, poke-your-eyes-out-with-the-fireplace-poker sort of way.

It has been somewhere around -15 and -22 for nearly two weeks now, with highs reaching 4 degrees, at best. To keep our pipes from freezing we've kept the wood stove going throughout the night. This means A. and I take turns getting up at 1:30 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. to add wood to the fire. I am so flippin' tired! I was positively delirious when my alarm went off this morning at 4:00 a.m. No, really. It was one of those wake up's where you are pretty much back asleep as you hit the off button. Thankfully A. got up and took care of the fire, because it never even crossed my mind at 4:00 a.m.

I am in total awe of all parents who survive keeping infants alive. Dear lord.

3. We are working on training Buster and Belle to stay at home without us without anxiety, but they aren't there just yet. This has been a bit of a bummer with the super sub-zero temperatures. We can't leave the dogs in their doghouse, even if it is very well insulated.  I worked from home three days during this two-week cold snap so the dogs could rough it by taking their naps next to the fire. But I have run out of remote work (unless I configure my home system differently, which I might try and do this weekend.) So, I decided to day-board the dogs at the fancy-schmancy vet in town for the last three sub-zero days. (It was surprisingly inexpensive, just $13/day for both pups.)

So, for most of this week I drop A. off at work in the morning then drop the dogs off at the vet. Again, I don't know how people have kids and schlep them all off to school and daycare and whatnot before going to work. Saints, the whole lot of you.

Wednesday night, in her excitement TO! BE! FREE!, Belle ripped a toenail clear out when she exited the kennel. She didn't make a peep, or pay any notice to her foot. She was too busy squirming around, saying hi. We couldn't help but notice all of the blood all over the lobby floor, however. Holy. Shit. That had to hurt, but you wouldn't know it by how Belle was jumping around, wagging her tail. (Needless to say, I was really glad we were boarding them at a vet's office.)

Poor thing had to get the nail sheath completely removed and her little paw is all wrapped up. She hasn't whimpered, whined, wobbled,  limped or licked at her foot at all. In fact, I have to keep her from rough housing with Buster and jumping up on the bed. I don't think she even felt it, the lunatic.

The antibiotics must have been a bit of a shock to her system, however. When I went to lift her out of the truck Thursday to carry her in to the vet's, I discovered, by way of olfactory horror, she had barfed up her breakfast. Yay! Not only did we have to dig our way out driftd snowpack that morning, but I got to scoop up doggy puke from all over the gear shift! Wahoo!

4. We went through our entire wood pile on the front porch, seeing as how we've been keeping the stove going nonstop. So, last night, A. and I bundled up in long underwear, jeans, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, snowpants, winter coats, balaclavas, hats and gloves and hauled wood to the front porch. It wasn't too windy, and was just above zero, so it wasn't nearly as miserable as I anticipated. But, still. It is a shit ton of work.

Yes, Thursday was a spectactular day, if you were wondering.

5. As I was digging chopped wood out of a snow drift, it once again became clear that my survivial is not automatic. It is not a given. Regardless of all the illusions we put up to make us think otherwise.

So, while the past couple of weeks have left me tired, sore, and sometimes delirious, I am grateful for the tangible reminder of my mortality, of my fragile agreement with the Universe to keep breathing.

I plan to enjoy every inhale and exhale.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. I get verrrrry anxious whenever I consider how close I am to non-survival. All anyone has to say to me is "Within one day the entire subway system would be underwater" and I'm all "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" and buying, like, those thin metal heat blankets Just In Case.

  2. Holy crap, and here I am bitching about the weather that's in the 20s and 30s! WOW. Stay warm and stay ALIVE!

  3. It is always a sobering thought, how we're not really so VERY protected from disaster or death as we think we are. Like when there was that huge blackout in New York City for days and days and everything was a bit crazy? It's scary how dependent we are on technology and how quickly we've forgotten how to use our brains to survive and solve problems!
    Sounds like you guys still haven't lost your heads, though, so maybe living in such a frigid place isn't completely nuts! :) Has the benefit of giving one perspective and a renewed sense of confidence in your survival skills!

  4. Maybe 7 years ago my parents (who lived in Pocatello at the time,) took me to Jackson Hole for Christmas. It was -17 without the windchill. I remember it being the coldest I had ever been in my life. It hurt to breathe.

    You have my deepest winter sympathies. When it's 110 and 90% humidity here in the summer, you can feel sorry for me, deal?

  5. Awww poor Belle! Do you remember when Montana ripped out a toenail this summer? I didn't notice right away either because she was outside and didn't yelp or anything. When I did notice I called the vet and they just told me to put peroxide on it and keep it bandaged, and she was fine. It's almost fully grown back now.

  6. Winter: I love it and hate it, both.

    It seems like once you've had winter like that, it's hard to let it go.

  7. You know you're living my dream, right? I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I like that on the forty below days, I show up to work on time and once I'm settled, I go to the window and raise my fist to the snow and say, "I won! You will not oppress me!" And then I giggle.

  8. I don't even know how to handle the numbers you've stated. At. All.

  9. i'm just sort of in awe right now. those temperature numbers should not EXIST. holy cow, dude.


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