Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Five

1. Night before last I dreamt that Michelle Obama came to visit me and my two best friends, DPR and JelBel. We tried to play some music for her on three different saxophones, but had forgotten some of the notes. I felt a bit ridiculous, but she just smiled her awesome smile. We decided to call it a night, and she insisted on sleeping on the couch. I fretted about finding her a blanket that wasn't covered in dog hair.

The next mornig we decided to show Mrs. Obama some of the Wyoming landscape. While DPR and JelBel took her to see some random land formation, I babysat Buster, Belle, and Bo, The First Pup, and made breakfast from scratch.

Mrs. Obama was wearing a really pretty, cream skirt suit and heels and I woried about her hiking in those heels.


2. I did not get Dream Job. I didn't even get an interview! Honestly, that surprised the hell out of me. What surprises me more is that I am not devastated. Disappointed, sure. But feeling totally okay. I still fee like I would have kicked ass at that job and I am pretty sure they are idiots for not hiring me. I am not doubting that. How cool is that?

3.I have applied for another job for which I am positive I will be amazing. (Smug, much?)  I need my Thesis Advisor send an ABD (All But Dissertation) letter to Who-I-Hope-Will-Be-My-Future-Employer. That feels lame. Also, this is the advisor who is not so good with details or timeliness. I think I am going to call his ass at home and request the letter. So far, he has not acknowledged my email about it. Yeah. I am calling him. I think it is well within his responsibilities as an advisor and mentor to help me get a job, yes?

4. Last night A. and I went to my office Christmas party. It was a really fun evening, surrounded by really good people. I am so fortunate and grateful for my co-workers. This is not hyperbole; they are good people. I don't necessarily want to leave my current job, though I wouldn't mind a new challenge, that is for sure. I don't want to leave these co-workers. But, A. and I are trying to move on to post-grad school goals, and so it goes. I do want to put us in a position where A. can start to pursue his goals. That is my most current goal. Certainly not my only goal, but for right now, for Team A. & Artmeisia, that is what has to happen.

5. Did you know that an ingrown hair that turns nasty is considered a boil? A boil? I guess I thought of boils as some random, medieval trial of some sort. You know, that when away with the advent of soap.

I happened across that delectable tid-bit during some random googling yesterday, and it was not googling about icky skin infections, either.  A BOIL. Yuck.

Anyway, Happy Friday to you!


  1. You just SOUND more centered and confident and upbeat, in general. Not even just in the specific places where you highlight the differences, but throughout. I am so happy about this! Good luck with the application to the next awesome job!

  2. I'm pretty sure that thesis advisers definitely want you to gain full employment. Don't schools keep (and share) stats related to graduates and how many move on to find full-time employment?

  3. You absolutely would kick ass in any job!

    And, yes, you should harrass your advisor. Most professors use their advisees' employment as a measure of their success. In fact, one of the grants I'm applying for required my advisor to list her former advisees and their current positions as proof of her track record.

  4. I would definitely hound your advisor. It's part of their job to help you, so don't feel weird!

    I hope you get this new job you're talking about. You would rock at it!

  5. You live in such a strange world of advising and mentoring and thesing and dissertating. It's titillating. As I wrote titillating, the baby farted loudly.

  6. In that case, I always have at least one small boil somewhere in the vicinity of my bikini area.
    Ah, pubic grooming... I wish I could quit you.

  7. Yes. I do believe that when advisors sign up to be advisors, they are beholden to help you with future employment. So there. And yes. Boils. Hot washclothes my friend. Hot washcloths.


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