Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am still fighting this cold. This is getting ridiculous. I've taken to shaking my fist -- clenching the latest tissue to meet my snot-filled nose -- at the sky in total despair. I feel fine, but I am still snotty and have a bit of a cough. Today dawned an interesting (and gross) new symptom: I am so stuffed up I cannot blow my nose and yet it runs continuously. I basically have a tissue stuck up my nose at all times to keep this under control. Gross.

I am back at work, as I don't think I am still contagious, but who the hell knows. I wash my hands constantly, taking great pains not to touch any goddamn surface with my hands on the way to the sink in an effort to be a courteous walking petri dish and have gone through nearly an entire bottle of hand sanitizer. I am ANNOYED. 

I should just be grateful I have paid sick time, understanding co-workers who prefer I stay home rather than spread the ick around, and that this wasn't any kind of flu, swine or otherwise. Feel free to kick me in the butt.


A few days ago it was HOT outside, in the 80s. (That is pretty toasty at 7,200 feet.)  That weather is gone. The wind has taken to destroying our world and will once again. The wind is holding steady at 40 mph, with 50 mph gusts. It is barely in the 30s. *whimper*

Yesterday, A. was travelling back home from Fort Collins, CO, when a tumbleweed THE HEIGHT OF THE CAR came crashing into the car on the highway. It was considerably windier yesterday, with gusts well past 60 mph. Thankfully, A. didn't swerve or get all tangled in the damn weed. However. IT BROKE THE DRIVER-SIDE MIRROR. The mirror is totally cracked.

Yeah. A tumbleweed. 


Er, a job I have been pining after for a few years is opening up in December. In many important ways, I am totally qualified and would excel in this position. It would be a challenge and I would love it. However, I don't have experience in some other important areas, so I might be wasting my time. Do I apply? Also, it is non-profit (of course!)  and is sure to be a daunting workload.

Have I just jinxed this by writing about it? Gah.



  1. It was so windy last night we had trouble sleeping. Insane!

    I'm sorry you're sick. Nobody will kick you in the butt for complaining about being sick. I mean, say you had swine flu. Would we all be sitting here being like, "At least it's not a brain tumor! You're so ungrateful!"? I don't think so.

    Apply for the job. The worst that happens is they don't call you.

  2. In the words of my husband's wisdom, "What's the worst that can happen?" you won't be worse off than now if they say no. But, you might regret not doing it.

  3. Yes, you apply for it! Make sure you convey your enthusiasm for the position. Most non-profit gigs do not fit neatly into one single skill-set - highlight your areas of strength and see how it goes.

    Hope you can get rid of your pesky cold soon.

  4. Apply! Apply! Apply!

    Also: tumbleweeds are scary, yo. People underestimate them.

  5. Definitely apply to that job! The worst that can happen is they don't contact you for an interview.

    I hope you get over your cold soon. There is nothing more annoying than being both stuffed up and suffering from a runny nose.

    I cannot believe a tumbleweed broke A's mirror. Holy cow! That tumbleweed was like Godzilla.

    Last weekend, we were driving home and five (5!) tumbleweeds darted in front of our vehicle. We were like, "Where the hell did THESE come from?" Stupid wind.

  6. I think you should pursue the job!

  7. Apply! Apply! Apply!

    But not only that. You should make an appointment to go in an speak with the supervisor of the position. I did this with BOTH my jobs (my previous one & my current one), neither of which I was qualified for. And I got them both. I had a list of questions, I did TONS of homework on the organization/ agency, and even on the supervisor (Google stalking!).

    Also, sinus infection?

    Why do I keep trying to play doctor here?

  8. definitely apply! what do you have to lose?

    oh my god. i never thought i had to fear tumbleweeds, but NOW I KNOW.

  9. So, completely freaked by the tumbleweed. Mental note: Stay out of western states.

    I understand about the cold. I'm still sniffling and coughing three weeks after onset. Not nearly as bad as you, though. Hope you feel better!

    And I agree with the rest: Definitely apply. Focus on your strengths, particularly skills that would cross over into the new areas. And have a plan for how you'll get yourself up to speed on any deficits.

    Good luck!


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