Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Five

1. Someone tied up their two dogs to a tree next to my office for over three hours. The young dog, still a puppy, barked the ENTIRE time. I finally went out there to make sure the dog was okay. She was; she just was stressed out that her owner was gone.

I left a note to let the owner know the dog wasn't handling being separated very well and was barking incessantly. I was trying to be diplomatic. Personally, I was am kind of concerned that they left their dogs there at all. I get that things are laid back here, but those dogs were clearly lonely. What if someone gets tired of the barking and goes out there and smacks her? Leaving your dogs unattended means they can get treated in any number of ways by any stranger that passes by. I am not okay with that.

I left my name and number on the note. (I hate when people leave anonymous notes. It seems so chickenshit.) I haven't heard anything. I wouldn't imagine I would get yelled at for having pet their dogs. They left them tied up in a very busy, public place, unattended for three hours. But you never know.

I wasn't too worried that the owner would beat the dog for barking. Both dogs were happy and carefree; neither of them showed any shyness or hesitancy toward me when I walked up to them and pet them. I really don't think the dogs are being beat. I just think the little one has some separation anxiety issues. Unfortunately, those issues make her very, very loud. This is a campus; someone is going to get fed up and call Animal Control.

Would you have left a note?

2. We are supposed to get about six inches of SNOW today/tonight and it is supposed to drop down to SINGLE DIGITS tonight. This is going to be one helluva long winter.

3. I have decided to apply for the job. I am meeting the person currently in the position for a drink this weekend to discuss the position and the organization. I am having some issues with this, but that is another post for another blog.

4. A. came home after four days of hunting (well, one day of hunting and three days of hanging out at his mom's wondering if the snow was going to break so he could continue hunting). One of the three fellas in his hunting party got his first bull elk.

It has snowed all week in his hunting area and he is losing hope that they will be able to get back in to the back country before the season closes. If we move from Wyoming this will be his last chance to hunt in this area, and it is his favorite area bar none.

I hope the storms break for a bit.

I was still anxious as he left for his trip, but much, much less so than normal. Yay, for modern chemistry and mood-altering drugs! Oh, and therapy, too.

5. To remove my make up at night, I have started using straight up olive oil. It is awesome and I can't recommend it enough. There! My secret is out. Do you have any strange/brilliant/unusual beauty routines or tips?


  1. I missed the part about you potentially moving from WY. For your (new) job?

    Good luck with yours. Still contemplating applying for mine.

  2. Now that A. is done with grad school we are job hunting. We may or may not stay in Wyoming, depending on where we can both get work. Good times.

  3. I think you're so brave and good to leave a non-anonymous note.

  4. I lived in an apartment building that allowed pets at one time. One night when it was POURING cold rain, the dog was out on the deck ALL NIGHT LONG. I wanted to comfort him and pet him and I kept going out to talk to him, but I felt AWFUL. Totally AWFUL, knowing that I couldn't rescue him or throw him a blanket or something. I called the police, but they were totally unsympathetic. It was one of the worst nights of my sobriety.

  5. Good for you for leaving a note. I hope you hear from the owners. A quick thank you is so easy. I know I would call immediately if I got a note like that...except I would never leave my dogs tied up unattended for 3 hours.

    Olive oil is so so so SO good for your skin. I already have really oily skin so I don't use it on my face, but I use it on my body during the dry winter months! I also use baby bath for my facewash. It's gentle, but still works great!

  6. When my hair is super duper dry, I put olive oil on it. It works wonders!

    I wonder if that dog owner was thinking, "Oh, I'll only be a minute" and the minute turned into three hours. Good for you for leaving a signed note. Perhaps the dog owner is too shamed to contact you?

  7. I don't think I would have left a note. But I would have seriously appreciated receiving a note in that situation.

  8. I think that's really upstanding of you to have left a note. I might have left a note in that situation, but I likely wouldn't have signed my name. Then again, maybe I would have. When I worked at a gym, I had a few words with one of the members who left his puppy in the car (in the summer!) while he worked out. His excuse? The puppy barks at home and it bothers his neighbors. M'kay, but leaving a dog in a hot car really shouldn't be your back-up plan!


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