Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road.*

So. That job I mentioned? Thanks for all the support! I am going to apply.

I met with the fella currently in the position for a beer last weekend and we talked shop. (He is also a graduate of my grad program. Go, American Studies in the public sector!) The job sounds 70 percent amazing and right up my alley. A solid 10 percent will be a challenge, and that is exciting. That other 20 percent? Well, it involves me traveling. A lot. Now, this isn't hop on a plane, stay in fancy places, eat at yummy restaurants, work while on the plane, etc. kind of travel. This is get in a car, drive by yourself for four, five, maybe eight hours a day, stay in Super 8's kind of travel. It is not productive travel. It is staring at a road, often times in bad weather kind of travel. Without a decent radio station.

Plus the other stuff, salary vs. cost of living, etc, etc. 

I am going to apply. But I have some thinking to do.

In fact, I um, decided that I am going to talk to Former-Soon-to-be-Current Thesis Advisor #1 about this. Hear me out. FSTBCTA1 is excellent at networking and has particular interests with scholars working in the public sector. This is exactly what drew me to this particular graduate program and to this particular job opportunity. He can help me look at this potential job within the frame of the big picture. If a couple of years (but no more, ugh) of travel (and networking) means setting myself up for some great opportunities in the future, it might be worth lugging around a binder of CDs, investing in some snow tires, and hitting the road.

Of course, I might not even get an interview, and all this scheming and plotting will mean nothing. Whatever.


My car is sucking my bank account dry.

Fucking cars.

Between the 60K-mile maintenance work, worn break pads, a faulty visor (Honda paid 99% of that one!), and a mirror broken by a TUMBLEWEED,  I've put damn near $800 into this car over the past three months. 

I woke up this morning from a dream where I was talking to my mechanic and he told me the funny noise was my breaks. That dream played out in real life about an hour ago. I am psychic! Move over, Allison Dubois!




One of the few things A. and I genuinely disagree on is public transit. It kind of breaks my heart. Plus, I AM RIGHT.


* Can anyone guess the artist of the song with this lyric? Hooo boy, that song brings back memories.

Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Ugh, car repairs. They are so frustrating! I still can't believe a tumbleweed damaged your mirror. :)

    How exciting that you are applying for that job! Good luck, good luck, good luck!

  2. That's one of my favorite songs EVAH! "I would never drive away and come driving home without you..." all in that lounge-lizardy style. Phish, right?

    Good LUCK with the job application process (and good for you that's you're networking before you even apply--that's the kind of thing I NEVER do, and regret).

    Also, if you take the job? Ipod. Podcasts. Books on tape.

  3. Good luck with the job application! I understand the hesitancy about so much travel, though. But it's always good to keep your options open.

    And I sympathize on the car. I desperately need to take mine to the mechanic. The a/c went this summer, and smoke has been coming out of the exhaust for the past several months. But I know I can't afford to repair either thing, so I'm attempting to live in semi-ignorant bliss.

  4. Hon, you're hating your car, love public transportation, and are applying for a job that requires driving several hours a day? um....

    And I totally agree..iPod, books on tape, books on CD. Totally the way to go.

  5. So glad you're applying! I hope it gets to the point where all this thinking actually becomes necessary!

  6. As someone who spent a few years hop on a plane, stay in fancy places, eat at yummy restaurants, work while on the plane, I can tell you it's not as glamorous as it sounds. I traveled 80% of the time. Yes, I flew on planes, stayed at nice hotels and ate at some fancy restaurants. But, I also sat in cubes and windowless meeting rooms all day. I worked long hours. I ate like crap because I had to go where the rest of my team wanted to go (and my team was always dominated by males who could eat a pig and still stay thin). I never had time to workout ... or do anything for myself (due to said team work). Personally, I hated it.

    But, if it wasn't for that time, I wouldn't have met my current boss. And I wouldn't have found my current company where I've been for almost a decade. IF you get this job, it's definitely worth the 20% boo-hiss travel. It might be more tolerable than you think.

  7. i agree - ipod and books on tape are PRICELESS for long car rides!

    i just laid down $550 on new tires / new alignment for my car yesterday. right after dropping however much in europe. EEK.


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