Thursday, August 13, 2009

Warm and Fuzzy

Over the weekend, A. and I headed up to the mountains - twice - on Saturday and brought home two cords of firewood. A. went up again last night with a friend and brought back two more cords. We are all set for a warm and fuzzy winter!

Because of all the pine beetle kill, the Forest Service is thinning out trees on all the campgrounds to keep the tress from falling over and smooshing people/critters or from catching fire. This means getting firewood this year is stupid easy. It was so little work I felt like I was surely stealing it. Trees were already felled, cut to 5- to 6-foot lengths, and stacked. We were loading up our first cord when a fella in a Forest Service bobcat-thingy pulled up. He asked A. what diameter wood he was looking for, then puttered off only to return with nearly half a cord of wood in the bobcatpthingy's claw. Woot! So nice of him.


Sunday, A. and I finally made it to another Rockies game. This was only our second of the season! Usually we have been to four or five my now. I don't know what has kept us so busy, but clearly we need to get more games on our calendar.  It was fun to go to the Cubs game; there were at least as many Cubbie fans as Rockies fans.

Then! We went to Jess and Torsten's! I am so glad to have finally met them. Actually, it felt like we had already met and just hadn't seen each other in a while. It was a comfortable, relaxing evening with friends. Wahoo!

What  a wonderful, smart, good-looking couple. They were so comfortable to be around because they are so happy and comfortable with each other. Montana is sweet, sweet, sweet! And so freakin' soft. And sweet.

We could have visited for hours, if only A. and I hadn't had to drive two and a half hours back to Wyoming. I am tickled that they live just down the road! (Around here, 2 - 3 hours away is pretty close.)

Wahoo! It was a great way to start the week.


  1. We felt the same way about you guys! And it's been a great week... I definitely think its greatness is related to how well we kicked it off!

  2. HOORAY for easy wood! (HAHAHAHA that's what she said)

  3. You met the fabled Torsten? I've met with Jess twice and still no Torsten. Although, to be fair, she's only seen 50% of my family too.

  4. I saw on Jess's blog that you guys met- glad it was a good time for everyone. I feel like I can't quite consider myself a real blogger until I actually meet someone previously known only as a fellow blogger out there deep in the internet.
    And also, then maybe my sister can stop referring to my commenters and the people on my Google reader as "my imaginary friends."

  5. i remeber living in places where 2-3 hours was just down the road!! sounds like a great time had by all and congrats on being able to spread it out over the week! enjoy this weekend!


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