Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Five and Them Some

[It is Thursday night, but I thought I'd get a jump on this.]

1. Often, I will walk into the house after work to find that some king of ball game, currently baseball but it depends on the season, will be playing on the TV and a baseball game will be on the radio, both at the same volume. A. will listen to both programs simultaneously in this fashion.

I have fight of the urge to just let go and let the schizophrenia take over in these instances. How does he do this? I have no idea.

2. I just finished the last disc of the first season of Brothers and Sisters . My friend AGR has been urging me to see the show for some time, and HOLY SHIT, AM I EVER HOOKED. Do you think I will be able to find the entire second series at the local shop and be able to watch it before the third season premier on Sunday? (I don't have the Tivo set up yet, so if I miss Sunday, I really will miss Sunday's episode. *gasp*)

I have a raging headache, however, from ALL THE CRYING. I blame Sally Field.

3. Dear Lord, how does Sally Field do it? She knows just how to twist my heart into a mess.  The scene at the cemetery in Steele Magnolias still makes me cry -- the kind of sobbing that is accompanied with copious amounts of snot, an incurable stuffy, red nose and a headache for three hours afterward -- even though I've seen that movie no less than 40 times. (I am not exaggerating.)

4. Once, I've even tried to make "Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa."  It turned out weird. (Check out what I found while Googling the recipe! There is an Armadillo cake in there, too!)

5. I can't re-train myself to only use one space after a period.  It is IMPOSSIBLE. Maybe I'll have to deliberately type a sentence over and over again until it finally sticks?

Bonus: I am having a harder and harder time resisting poking my eyes out at every mention of Gov. Sarah Palin. In any context. WTF!?!?!?!
Happy Friday to you!

Double Bonus: A. is hunting right now -- alone. Please keep his safety (and my resultant nervous tummy!) in your thoughts/prayers/well wishes/karmic exchange.  Thanks!

Oh, Hell! Here is number Eight: I posted a request to borrow New Moon on my local Freecycle site and DIDN'T GET A SINGLE OFFER. I am still disappointed.  I feel like if you've read the series, you would understand the angish of having to wait for oodles of holds at the public library to get the next book in the series and thusly you would JUMP to help a neighbor out! Would you? Wouldn't you? 


  1. I am totally still stuck back on the listening to two games at one time. That's TALENT!

    I haven't been out hunting since before Cal was born. I think we'll be out-of-commission on hunting until the boys are old enough to go. Hopefully we'll still have a place to hunt.

  2. Is there some kind of memo I missed about using one space instead of two after the period? I feel as if I've missed a vital piece of information.

    Also: as long as our VP isn't out there in the woods with A, I'm sure he'll be just fine. (Okay - that was me totally making light of your honey's safety and I feel like it was bordering on MEAN, which I didn't intend, you know? Just trying to make a joke? About gun safety? ???? Ugh. Am terrible person. Hope A. returns home safe and sound.

  3. Torsten does that too, where he likes lots of sounds coming from different sources all at once. I'm not sure he can concentrate on them all at once like A. can, but he likes it. He likes things like loud neighbors talking at three a.m., too. He just generally finds noise soothing and I am the opposite.

    Also, I have finally managed to retrain myself to use only one space. It took awhile, but I did it. You can too!

  4. Erin - I haven't gone hunting - ever. I know I'd be loud and would scare off the animals, and then I'd cry if we actually killed something, and then I'd be trying not to puke while dressing the animal. Maybe someday.

    I am so impressed you hunt! But not surprised, you are kind of bad ass.

    Whimsy - ha ha! Any joke about VP Evil Doer is a GOOD JOKE.

    Jess - I understand the impetus behind the one space change, but damn, I am having a hard time learning to do it.

    I like background noise from outside (traffic, talking, etc.) but I generally can't handle it if the TV and the radio are on at the same time.

  5. heh, i can't do the one-space either. i have to go back into all my too-long tweets and remove the extra space to try to get the words to fit.

    i've.. uh.. never seen steel magnolias *hides*

  6. I had to retrain myself at a job once to type with one space after each period. And I did it! And THEN I had to retrain myself again to type with 2 spaces. And I CAN'T DO IT! Waaaaaah.

  7. DUDE. You are like my twin. WTF is up with the 1-space vs. 2-space after the period controversy? I always though 2 spaces, then I got reprimanded at my job for using 2, and now I don't know what to believe. Please advise.


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