Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beans and Toast

Last night, I baked two loaves of whole-wheat bread and the house smelled absolutely divine. I have been longing to bake bread all summer, and it is finally been cool enough the past week or so to fire up the oven.

All evening, while waiting for the dough to rise and A. was in the back room studying for class, I ran the second season DVD of Footballers' Wives. My best friend, JelBel, and I got hooked on the series when I lived in England, and the rainy, cool days have made me nostalgic for the UK. A. periodically wandered through the kitchen and made fun of the accents. I love that trashy crap! If you are hunting for a new guilty pleasure, I highly recommend the series.

I forgot how much I missed the following words and phrases:

"for fuck's sake,"
"piss off"
"in the post"
"this is a load of shit"

Also, I nearly forgot my crush on Ian Wright. He has nothing to do with Footballers' Wives, but A. always makes fun of his accent as I swoon watching him on Globe Trekker. (I LOVE THAT SHOW.)

I picked up the last word, "loads," while I lived in Birmingham, England. A. says I still use it, to this day, as in "I had loads of wine last night." Which I did, incidentally.

Also, Ian is a whiny piece of poo and Tanya Turner is a genius.

I think beans and toast for breakfast are in order for the rest of the week.


At one point, A. came in and paused the DVD for a bit to flip the TV to the local PBS channel so I could watch the final 20 minutes of The Natural History of the Chicken.


Long live Liza!


  1. I haven't seen Footballers' Wives, but wow do I ever love reading about WAGs. I think Coleen Rooney is my favorite.

  2. I love Footballers' Wives! The Brits do trashy TV so very well. And trashy chick lit, too.

  3. That IS one of the cool things about this international job thing, I get to sign official emails with "Cheers"

  4. i definitely picked up "loads," as well as "pissed," "flat," and "fucking hell." and this was while i was living in france :-)

  5. I've always been partial to "bits". There's always a bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of SOMETHING in England and I just love it.

    Also: my version of Heaven smells just like baking bread. YUM.


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