Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Unsteady Ground

The world was suddenly heaving, raising up and then plummeting too far below my feet. It wouldn't stop. I could barely keep my balance. I couldn't keep my eyes trained on any one spot. My knees threatened to buckle every time my feet met the treacherously unstable ground. I fought to keep the panic from taking over: Would I die?

Hell had descended upon my world.

I did it. I completed Run One of Week One of the Couch to 5K running program that has been on my mind for nearly two months or so.

Ok. I sort of did it. Instead of alternating between running/walking for 20 minutes, I could only convince my pathetic (very, very jiggly) ass to continue this self-inflicted torture for ten. But. BUT! I then proceeded to walk nearly two miles afterward and I took the dogs for their evening 1-mile walk. (Yes, there is some kind of smugness that comes with sweating. Huh. Who knew? Certainly not me!)

So, I am not totally lazy. Just ridiculously wussy. And very surprised at just what condition my body is currently in. My back jiggled, people. Whoa.


Some Thank Yous, because Thank Yous are always nice to give and receive:

Thanks to JelBel, AGR, and DG for keeping in touch and reporting back on what kind of activity you've all built into your days. That has really meant a lot as I make some changes to develop a healthier lifestyle! You ladies ROCK. I miss you guys.

And thanks to Swistle, (and the ladies in Swistle's comments) Jess, Devan, and Jonniker for planting this painful idea in my head and inspiring me to get started. Keep up your own runs - you are doing great!


  1. Yay! Congratulations! And as you get stronger, it will get easier to do the full twenty minutes. (I speak from the wiseness that comes of having advanced all the way to week three, of course.) But seriously, I do notice that each week's workout gets easier as the week progresses. But only if I really do the three workouts regularly, with even spacing between them.

  2. I did this some of this program a year ago (and then my knee got messed up, and I lamely didn't start again after my knee stopped hurting because I suck). I think it's a really good program to follow. Last week I took the dog for a jog/walk and remembered that hey, I really need to do the jogging part on a regular basis.

    Good job!

  3. Woooo! It gets easier, I swear. No no, I promise.

  4. Man, is EVERYONE getting in shape? How am I to resist the peer pressure, especially in a few weeks or so when I have the little man out of my body and am left to contend with the muffin top and belly roll he leaves behind?

  5. Sigh. I guess it is about time I did this too. Wait! Wouldn't you like to get a margarita instead?


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