Thursday, August 16, 2007

Super-smart Hotness

My first memory of A. was how freakin' sexy he was, sitting across the room in our Ecology of Knowledge graduate class in his black leather jacket, shaved head and glorious sideburns and goatee.


When we all had to introduce ourselves, he listed his three undergraduate degrees (Sociology, Philosophy, and Fisheries Biology--or whatever it is called) and I swooned. So smart. Such diverse interests. So many books the man must have read.


(Yes, yes, I know. I am a nerd. I won't apologize for it!)

Anyway, I remember when I noticed he'd missed class one week. Although he doesn't believe me, I definitely noticed him in class, and his absence, well, disappointed me. The corner of the room was so bland without his smoldering, super-smart hotness.


He'd missed class that week because he went out on his first moose hunt. His venture was successful; he made a dish with meat from the moose for our end-of-the-semester potluck for class. (That was yummy, too.) I made Mujadorrah, lentils with rice and caramelized onions. That sums up our different food preferences PERFECTLY.

He left tonight for another hunt he's been looking forward to for years (13 in fact)--his big horn sheep hunt. I miss his smoldering, super-smart hotness already.


  1. Oh dear. I'm afraid the dead mooses and big horns would do me in. I'm more into the lentil world myself. However, to each her own level of hotness. May this hunt be shorter than his last. Did he at least leave you the camera this time?

  2. A. still has the camera. I don't mind. I'd like to see pictures of the rugged country he is dealing with this week.

    In the meantime, I have two lentil dishes planned for the week!

  3. I haven't met A. yet and your description of him is making me swoon, too! Well-read, shaved head, goatee, and black leather jacket? Yumtastic!

  4. I really miss venison. Deer sausage is my favorite, we've never had any MOOSE hunters in the family. I can't imagine the quantity of meat that must come from one freaking moose.

  5. Bibliodiva - he is a cutie!! Hopefully we will be out to visit in the fall. The leather pants and the leather jacket will meet someday.

    Tessie - We gave away at least half of that moose and we were still eating it a year later. Last year a fellow A. went hunting with got a moose, and as a thank you, gave us half. We still loads of moose.

    I am really, really, really sick of moose. (Especially since I don't really like to eat meat, anyway.)

    I always thought I liked elk the most, but I haven't really had much deer. Strange. Supposedly big horn sheep meat is the best stuff you'll ever eat. I am curious...and hopeful!

  6. I'm picturing Duff from Ace of Cakes... he's my little crush, possibly because of the cake!

    I'm more of a lentils person too. Enjoy your meals!


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