Thursday, June 7, 2007


I had all sorts of things I was going to write about, even a couple of witty observations (I thought, anyway), but my mind is mush this morning. I am tired. I haven't had my coffee yet. It is cold, and really windy and very gloomy out today. THE DAMN WIND. Winter is trying to get its grip on the pretty green things again. Jerk.

Last night was all about plans, or the lack of plans, or of plans revised.

Surprise! A. was in town last night. (It was so nice to see him. His smile lights me up more than anything else I know in this world. Damn.) He and his co-worker were surveying plots in the area and had the opportunity to stay in town.

A., the generous, sweet fella that he is, offered our spare bedroom to his co-worker so that she wouldn't have to charge a hotel rental and wait for the reimbursement. I know what a financial strain that puts on us, so I was glad A. offered to help. I wish I'd had more (oh, wait, any) notice, though. Earlier in the day it had occurred to me that A. would offer our spare room if indeed they were going to be in the area. So, I suppose technically I gave myself some notice. Trouble is they never really know where they are going to end up until around 3:00 p.m. that day.

I was supposed to meet my friend, K., out for a drink shortly after A. arrived. I hated to leave them at the house, so I invited them along and hoped that K. wouldn't think I was being an asshole. I gave her a call and she said that would be fine, but I still felt a bit like a jerk. Besides, I had been really looking forward to hanging out with her and having a long, girly chat fest. With drinks!

We got to the bar and K. gave me a call. She sounded pretty upset; the stress of her wedding next weekend, all the soon-to-be-arriving family, a house on the already-saturated market, and not knowing where she and J. are moving -- or when -- finally hit her all at once. She asked if we could reschedule. Of course! The last thing I wanted is to be one more concern for her right now! I do hope we get together soon, though. I was really looking forward to hanging out. But, I'd much rather hang out when it will be fun and something to look forward to for her, too.

I felt really bad hearing how upset she was. It made me feel so helpless. I'd like to do something for her, like magically and gracefully remove any and all anxiety from her sweet little heart with a hug, wouldn't that be grand of me? But, I also don't want to impose anything on her that could feel like one more damn obligation, you know? Hmmm. She really likes chocolate cake.

When we arrived back home -- surprise! M.G. was in our living room! He has a few days off from his work on the river in Colorado, so he came up to our place to stay. Hope the couch was comfy.

I am tired.

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  1. I'm so glad we got to have the drinks tonight! I think things worked out how they were supposed to--I was much calmer tonight, and able to enjoy myself and have fun. Plus we got in girly talk time, without any pesky boys around. :)


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