Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Mopey-ness Here

Monday night’s card game with the ladies did a fine job of keeping the A. Is Gone Again mopey-ness away. We had a small bridal shower/bachelorette themed card game for Black Sheeped!! We still played the game May I?, but we had decorations and some special treats. I think Black Sheeped was happy, if not totally surprised? It is a good thing L. took charge of the decorations; the only thing I contributed were paper cups with naked man-butts on them. I just wanted to add a touch of class to the evening.

There was no mopey-ness in the house at all last night – A. was home!! He and a different co-worker, C., were in the area and stayed at the house last night. And – A. had called and gave me a heads up on MONDAY. Whoa. Awesome. There were clean sheets and a clean toilet before our guest arrived. Cool.

After I whipped up a batch of marinara and made a quick dinner, we took the dogs for an extra long walk. It had been raining all day and finally cleared up after dinner. The grasses and flowering weeds are so green right now. It’s been great; usually we only have a two week green spell out this way. The grass is really tall and the sage is bright.

Our little family and guest walked the road down toward the fox’s den so C. could see the little guys. I’d only seen two kits at a time, but apparently there are three!! All three critters were out and about, running around. As we got closer, two of the kits slid back into their den. The third little guy is a brave little shit. He stayed above ground and kept an eye on us. Curiosity finally got to the other two and we could see their little ears poking up above the grass. I love that the mama fox makes her den in the same spot every summer. She feels like a neighbor.

Of course, I forgot to grab the camera.

I will try to remember to snatch it up with me when I walk the dogs. I think we’ll go for the long walk again; Buster’s leg seems to be doing well and he jumped up on the bed to cuddle with A. last night. (A special treat; when A. is away, I make The Silly Goose stay on his own bed. That he drags into my closet. Silly Goose.)

There was no mopey-ness.


Someone needs to remind me of how much I complained last winter about living out of town. Because. Once again, I am thrilled to be out of town, now that it is green! and there is no wind! and the foxes are back! and the birds have returned! and it is green! Please remind me of the 10-foot snow drifts and the 60 mph winds. Or else I’ll be crushed all over again next winter.

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  1. It was hard not to suspect when S. kept saying to me ominously, "YOU HAVE TO COME TO CARDS THAT NIGHT." Or "IT IS REALLY IMPORANT THAT YOU, OF ALL OF US, COME TO CARDS." Or "PROMISE YOU ARE COMING TO CARDS." Also, saying, "I am so excited for cards I can't STAND IT OMG"


    It was fun. She's hilarious. :)


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