Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pepe le Pew, You Haunt Me

Last night, for the second game in a row, my volleyball team made it to three sets. Wahoo! For a team that never practices, rarely "warms up," often doesn't have enough players for a full team, and doesn't have any rehearsed "plays," I think we are doing great. And we have a blast, and that is what I think matters anyway. The sets last night were really fast-paced and so much fun. I was in a great mood on my way home.


About three miles from the house on the highway, I see -- too late -- a black and white furry little critter ambling across the highway. I was afraid that if I tried to swerve to miss this little, very-much-alive, skunk I would either 1) roll the car and kill A., the skunk, and myself or that 2) I would end up lining my tires up squarely over the skunk's little body. I braked as hard as a I could and tried to keep my tires clear of the skunk, but my little Civic just doesn't have the clearance to pass over a critter in the middle of the road.

I killed a skunk last night.

It was the most grisly sound I've ever been unfortunate enough to hear.

I cried (A. would say hysterically) for an hour.

I woke up three times last night from nightmares.

I am very seriously reconsidering becoming a vegetarian.

So, I guess this settles it: I will never join A. out on a hunt.

(Note: A. has actually been struggling for some time with his role as a hunter, and every season it is harder and harder for him to take down an animal. I won't be surprised if this fall ends up involving a lot of hiking and not much else. He is the most considerate and thoughtful hunter I've ever met. He is not a bloodthirsty or nonchalant hunter -- at all. He spends a lot of time wrestling with the ethics of hunting.)


  1. My condolences to you and Pepe's family.

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry. But it was accidental. And I'm sure he wasn't in the crosswalk. Perhaps he was suicidal and it really isn't your fault at all.

    I could never hunt. I respect those who do it with respect for the animals and out of a genuine love of the outdoors, but I can't even pick a lobster out of the tank.


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