Monday, April 9, 2007

New little sprouts delivered Easter tidings

Happy belated Easter, and I hope Passover has been a special time for everyone (especially those of you with new little ones in your lives!).

I've been home sick, sleeping nearly 20 hours a day for the past four days. I am so bored of it, but I still manage to fall asleep after being awake for 20 minutes or so. I am happy that it seems I am past the worst of it. I've been too sick to stay awake or concentrate for too long so unfortunately, I didn't get much work done on my thesis the past few days. I am chomping at the bit to get something done!

A. and I had a basil plant that grew so quickly we couldn't make enough pesto fast enough and we had to constantly trim the leaves back. Aphids got it a few months ago, and even though A. was armed with a spray bottle of soapy water, the aphids won that battle.

I miss the smell of the fresh basil so much (and the pesto!) that we've decided to try again. We planted seeds just two weeks ago and already we have sprouts! Yeah! Waiting for the plants to get big enough to produce mature leaves will be a true test of my patience!

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