Thursday, January 10, 2013

Your Name is Winston

Winston never sits still long enough for a clear picture.
Meet Winston.

Our new nine-month-old puppy.

A puppy. An Aussie puppy. Sweet geezus.

Oakley, (Winston) found his way to us after two different homes and the pound. He is only nine months old and already so many homes! He is super sweet and affectionate and trusting. I can’t believe the spirit of this little guy.

His first owner (and I mean owner, not parent) was a student at a local automotive tech school. These students are in town for 8 months and then they split, as soon as their for-profit, extortionist schooling is finished. So, already this did not bode too well for Mr. Fluffypants. He was left alone in the house constantly and received very little training. He wasn’t even housebroken completely. The story goes that Oakley managed to turn on a faucet while home alone.

He landed in the pound.

This is not a no-kill shelter. This is not a good situation in which to find yourself.

A former co-worker of A.’s, Doctor,  adopted Oakley. He and his wife are great puppy parents. They cared for him and got all the necessary shots, exams, and had him fixed. They took him to an obedience class, and loved on him. But Oakley is a busy, busy little dude. Doctor and Wife are rather quiet, very tame, sorts of people. Active, but gentle. And their little King Charles Spaniel is very timid and didn’t take to Oakley’s rambunctiousness at all.

Doctor called A. to see if we would be interested in adopting Oakley. Doctor worked with A. throughout Buster’s illness and passing. He knows how much A. loves animals. He also knew we were starting to look to add to our family.

Belle and Oakley met and seemed to get along fine. They were both tickled during our introductory walk together. We decided to go for it!

Belle is warming up nicely to him. She’s made sure he knows she is the boss around here (she’s already taught us) and is even starting to run around and play with him. YAY!

After a couple of days with us, A. and I decided that the name Oakley really didn’t feel right. While we didn’t want to give this little guy a third name, we just couldn’t live with Oakley. A.’s first suggestion was Winston, and boy if that didn’t sound just right.

Your name is Winston.


  1. Congratulations on the new puppy! What a happy start to the year!

  2. Oh, I LOVE him! He is adorable and so fluffy! I'm so happy you guys adopted him, and I'm happy Belle likes him too.

  3. Congratulations! He looks so soft and it sounds like he's a lot of fun!

  4. Welcome to the pack, Winston (a vicarious welcome, obviously). Looking forward to hearing more about this cutie.

  5. As you would say, he's a cutie patootie! Congratulations.

  6. EEE look at him! He's so definitely a Winston. Congratulations on finding your home, little guy :)


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