Monday, April 9, 2012

Dogs Everywhere

It is so strange to be a family of three. It just does not feel right. It feels so empty and awkward. I miss my boy, Buster. 

I feel guilty that I think this way, as though I am betraying Belle. Beautiful Belle, who is right next to me.

A. and I are trying to establish some new daily routines with Belle, so that all of us can adjust and move on as we must. The lucky girl gets lots of extra walks, as that is about her favorite thing to do. (Her absolute favorite is chasing something at full speed.) 

Swistle articulated how I am feeling perfectly: I know Buster is gone, I just don't believe it yet.


On Saturday, a very sweet, little, female pit bull pranced right into our house. She was quite affectionate and seemed submissive to Belle. She loooved to give kisses. After many phone calls, left messages, and contacting the sheriff, we took her to the local shelter. We just weren't sure she and Belle would get along overnight, and she was a total spazz in the house. I never knew dogs could bounce off of walls. Literally. Cats? Sure. Dogs? Holy shit, annoying.

Anyway, turns out she belongs to a neighbor that moved in a few months ago. A. feels bad that he took a neighbor's dog to the pound, but how could we know? Hopefully they will get her an ID tag with their number on it.


A. and I are going to visit his folks next weekend. A good 50% of the reasoning for this trip is so Belle can hang out and play with Sadie, A.'s mom's dog. She needs some good dog time.


  1. Oh, Buster. I miss him too, and I never even got the chance to meet him. :( Extra hugs and kisses to Belle.

    I would've taken the other dog to the shelter too, especially if it didn't have a collar on it. At least now you know who she belongs to in case it happens again.

    And I can vouch for the "bouncing off the walls" concept. When we first got Shorty, he got into one of his running-around-at-top-speed-while-growling modes and we couldn't calm him down. He was SPRINTING around our basement, dodging us while doing this weird growling/panting noise, and he ended up jumping up on our furniture and doing that weird push off the walls like those crazy guys jumping on buildings. It was completely bizarre.

    Now when he gets nuts, we just stay out of his way until he runs himself out (literally 20 seconds later). He doesn't go up on the furniture or walls anymore, though.

  2. Oh, that empty, someone's-missing feeling is so sad. Important to go through--you wouldn't want to not have it--but still.

  3. I'm sorry that you're feeling such emptiness. Similar to Melospiza's comment, I wouldn't trust someone who didn't feel that way after the loss of a pet. It still sucks. Does Belle seem to be showing outward signs of mourning Buster?


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