Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Five

I spent a weekend in Hermann, Missouri a few weeks ago to attend a wedding. I ran around with the bride throughout college, then again for four years in Washington, DC, and AGAIN in my current location. So, not only was it super fun to be at her wedding, it was like a mini reunion with friends from college and DC. You guys. I had SO. MUCH. FUN.

Hermann is a positively delightful little place, by the way. It was purposefully settled by Germans and turned into wine country. No, really.

I can't say I'd recommend every wine produced in the region, but I wholeheartedly endorse the 2007 Norton by Hermannhof Vineyards. It is not too dry and is spicy. Love it. In fact, I liked it so much that I checked my carry-on bag so as to bring a bottle home with me. (They don't ship to Wyoming.) It became a rather expensive bottle of wine in my case, but is otherwise modestly priced.

It was fun to run around wine-tasting and socializing and dancing. It was a nice change from ice-fishing, and even fly fishing. I need both types of cultural experiences in my life.

Boy, I miss having close friends near by. Everyone I am close with lives between 600 and 2,000 miles away.It is so different to share the trivial moments of daily life with people you are close to than with acquaintances.

How the hell do you make friends as an adult without coming across as CREEPY and DESPERATE?

Am I just a sorry case?

Things have been busy and hectic. A. and I bought a new (used) truck. It is awesome and pretty and it is not falling apart. We had to control ourselves during test drives, so as not to blurt out, "This is cool! It rides so smooth! You don't We were planning on this purchase happening in the spring, but we got a gentle nudge from our old pick up:

Happily, no one was hurt when that wheel took off on its own. My stepmom was delighted in the fact that we "drove the truck until the wheels came off!"

Indeed, we did.

I am itching to knit. The weather is coooold and another storm is moving in. It seems the perfect time to snuggle up in the rocking chair with a bunch of soft yarn in my hands.

Knitters - what are you working on? I am going to make some leg warmers for a friend's granddaughter, and then I am open to anything. Suggestions? I am actually anxious to knit on some single pointed needles. Every project I've done so far has involved 4 or 5 double-pointed needles. I am not in the mood to wrestle with a pointy, kraken-like object.

I broke down. I renewed my contract with Overcharging National Wireless Provider and got myself an iPhone.

This is one of the most exorbitant purchases I've ever made. I had it all planned out - I was going to dump Overcharging National Wireless Provider and save $35 a month.

But then I saw how stinkin' fun it can be to use an iPhone for all sorts of things while in Missouri with everyone. I made up my mind then and there.

And it is pretty damn fun. Although, Jess is KICKING MY ASS at Words With Friends.


  1. I was just give the iPhone 4s as a gift - I've had it for about 10 days and I LOVE IT! I'm not even a cell-phone person

  2. 2. I live less than 600 miles away! And I adore you! And most of my local friends I met through my blog! So there!

    5. Your iPhone means we can text for free! See previous response.

  3. Knitting: Lots of Christmas presents. I finished a scarf for my mom (Misti Alpaca Chunky, Ribs and Ruffles pattern, on size 13 needles---knits up super quick) and a cowl that may or may not go to my sister (double-stranded Cascade 220 on size 13 circulars in a k2p2 rib, also very quick to knit). Now I'm reluctantly using dpns to make myself a pair of fingerless mittens (more Cascade 220---I'm doing some serious stash busting).

    Friends: I get ya. I seem to have about a five-year cycle on friends, which is currently coming to the end of the cycle. And it gets harder every time to make new friends as an adult. It seems like everyone already has an established group or their life revolves around some major life stage (being married, having kids) that I don't share.

  4. i am CLINGING to my friends who are still in this area, because people keep moving away and i can't figure out how to re-make good girlfriends this late in life either. BAH.


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