Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday Five, A Day Early.

1. My honey is sick. What a bummer of a way to enter a three-day weekend. What a bad thing.

2. I suppose this means I will have more time to myself, and thusly, more time to work on my thesis chapters. And that is a good, if not very fun, thing.
3. I figured out how to update my twitter (ridiculous! word!) feeds via my cell phone. I feel spiffy. Especially since I have my twitter feed update my FB status! I AM FANCY.

4. I am so, so, so happy to be in treatment -- in all its glorious forms -- for my dysthymia and anxiety. I am perhaps most thankful for the relief from the anxiety. Every day I am amazed at just how incredibly miserable I was and how painful it was to experience life. I never want to give my emotions/whacked-out brain chemistry that much control over my life again.

5. I will likely repeat this statement when I ever get around to posting my fitness goals, but the pose I most want to achieve in yoga is this:

It doesn't seem like much, or very dramatic, I know. But I am totally inflexible. Always have been. To be able to be standing perfectly upward and perfectly downward at the same time seems like it would be one of the coolest trips ever. Not to mention I could sure use a rush of blood to my brain on a regular basis.

Do you have any fitness goals?

Happy Friday!


  1. Poor A! Hope he feels better soon.

    I had set a goal for myself to run a 10K by the end of the summer, but I've spent half the summer dealing with a bad back, so I may have to reset my goal for a 5K.

  2. So sorry A. is sick! Here's hoping for a sudden, miraculous recovery.

    Right now my fitness goal is to be able to swim a bunch of laps without stopping. I don't know what "a bunch" would be, exactly, but definitely more than what I can do now.

  3. What is it with this nasty summer cold thing? My daughter had it last week to the point where I actually kept her home from school. It's summer! No colds! Dammit!

    Anyway, hope A feels bettah soon.

    My fitness goal: the arms. They are--not flabby, exactly, although they're thinking about it. They're just...puny. Delicate 19th century Victorian womanhood arms.

    So far my arm-improvement regime involves push-ups and glancing guiltily at the arm weights. My problem is that I think real improvement needs a Significant Commitment, time-wise, and I haven't brought myself to the edge of that river yet.

  4. omg, i am with you on the potentially superhuman effort that pose would take. i cannot touch my toes - despite a lifetime of sports, stretching, and more recently, yoga - so being able to hug my calves while also having straight legs seems somewhat on par with being able to rappel down a mountain without actually using a rope.


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