Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Apparently, there is one motherboard that might be compatible with our fried computer. It costs $250, nonrefundable.

So! We are looking for a new CPU. Our current CPU is an HP, and other than it had Vista on it, we were happy with it. Do you have any suggestions? A. watches hockey online, we store pictures on the machine, I have The Thesis crap on there, but that is about it. We don't need anything for design or layout, film editing, gaming, etc. Pretty simple, actually.


Um, we put Buster on doggy prozac. Is this ridiculous? Over the top?

The poor little guy has separation anxiety. His ever-increasing fear and uncontrollable bladder during thunderstorms are really too much to deal with anymore.

I hope the prozac works. He handled the first dose without any problems, but last night he barfed it right up with all of his dinner. Hmmm. He not generally a barfer, so it was definitely the meds. We have decided to stop the meds until next week. We are travelling to Nebraska this weekend and don't want to deal with side effects while on the road.

We are going to have to budget in new carpet before we sell the house. Gah.

/both Momma and pup are on anxiety meds and in therapy! Hee!


On Friday, A. has a phone interview for a job in Arizona. It is a GREAT job, good salary, just what he wants to do. It is in a ITTY-BITTY town. Which would be okay, except that I won't have a chance in hell of finding work. But, this is the kicker. There is no downtown. NO DOWNTOWN. It is just sort of houses next to each other. Creepy.

Great job. Horrible place to live.

We both have some nervous tummies. What to do?


Regardless, I am hoping will all my heart that he does great with the interview and that we have a difficult and complicated decision ahead of us.

Gah! Butterflies!


  1. Is there somewhere NEAR the small town where you could live? Like a slightly larger town that at least has a Main St.? Could you telecommute or freelance? Eeee so many questions!

  2. OOOH! Good luck to A.! I hope he gets the job, and you two can negotiate working from home or something similar. (Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!)

  3. I would have to point you to The reviews on that site may help you find the parts you need for what you're looking for, and newegg is so ridiculously cheap that it's totally worth it. We just built an entirely new computer with high end parts for about $400.

    As far as doggy prozac, my sister had her dog on prozac and a sedative I think...I never saw a difference. I did see a difference after they went through some training to work with the dog's emotional problems though.

    Small towns....I don't even know where to go on that one. I find them really really creepy and intrusive on the personal lives of the people who live there. That'd be a hard choice.

  4. oh... my. how far from an actual town is this place? would commuting be worth it, in that case? or like jess said: telecommuting? EEP! fingers crossed for you!

  5. Did you ever try that doggy straight jacket thing? My parents' dogs claw through screen doors during thunder storms so they always wrap them in these special doggy straight jackets to keep them calm. Seems to work, though it's a little creepy to come home from dinner to a dog, prostrate, wagging it's way across the floor like a worm.

    CG's new job is in a non-town town. Used to be farmland that they just scrubbed and plopped down some houses. He took the job b/c there is a cute small town (a real town, with a 3 blocks square "downtown") nearby. I'll let you know how it goes! Good luck!

  6. Our current town has NO down town -- but it does have a great park with a lake, and lots of great running trails :) We jaoke about how strange it is to have a town parade without a main street to go down... I guess it works though


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